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10 Things Which Are a MUST For Your Newborn


As it is time for your baby’s arrival, getting parenting right is utmost priority. From the decisions to your first purchase - everything requires you to give your hundred percent. Newborns are not only sensitive but also so different that they can be difficult to handle if you do not have the right tips. 

With so many emotions and wonder at the same time, you not only require all the support from friends and family - you also need to ensure that you have the best things to safely welcome your newborn. Do not fret as below are 10 things which are a MUST for your newborn!

1. What to wear?

Your baby’s clothing and bedding should be ready much before he/she comes home. This includes safe and clean socks, warm clothing, hoodies, jackets, pyjamas, onesies, bibs, caps as well as blankets. Various materials and fabrics can make your newborn uncomfortable but allergic as well. In turn, there eating, walking and sleeping is all very badly affected.

Many moms say that they use mittens to avoid scratches from sharp nails.This way you can keep your newborn protected till there is a safe amount of time to cut the nails.

2. Splash and dash!

Newborns need safe and healthy products for their bathing and care. Your baby will need the best tub, soap, potty and creams. You must make sure all the products are natural and only to use for newborns. Many products are specifically for new babies as their skin and their emotions are most sensitive.

This will ensure that their hygiene is not only squeaky clean but caring for themselves is a fun process rather than a struggle.

3. Baby’s day out 101

You must ensure that your diaper bag is full of all the things that you think you will require not only inside but outside the house as well. While changing essentials are a common necessity, you must ensure your newborn has best and extremely safe travel essentials. Examples include a stroller, pram, travel cot or car seat.

4. Newborn decor

Your newborn requires baby proofed and safe material furniture. This includes a high chair, cribs and carriers. Furniture not only depends on your little ones safety and comfort but also what they are doing in the whole day. Are they lounging, sleeping, playing, rocking or walking? It is mostly based on the degree that you decide on buying a bassinet, cot and changing table.

A changing table is very important of your little needs extreme and extra care while changing diaper. This is going to be a time of a lot of fuss. Thus, having an appropriate changing table will help out a lot. The same applies for going out. Today, almost every place has a conveniently safe changing table, making sure that parents do not have to worry much when on an outing.

5. Photo booth

With newborns, it might be very important to keep all the memories intact through a camera or album. This is especially true when one of the parents are away for a long white, for far away grandparents or any close friends and family. Even from a distance, they can easily keep tabs on your newborn. In the end, you yourself experience even more love and wonder for the new life you have come to care about!

6. Nom, nom!

Food and related essentials are another priority that parents need to be very careful about for their newborn. Right from pacifiers, teethers, bottles, storage containers or the dishes you use to feed directly - all must be clean and made with safe materials. This way, an important time like eating is enjoyed and not spent uncomfortably crying.

7. Sparkle and sparkle

Many moms are swearing by steaming bags today for their newborn’s safety. This because they aid in easily cleaning and disinfecting all those teeny hard-to-clean parts in say breast pumps, pacifiers and cups.

8. Health

Your newborn should already have an ongoing first aid kit. This should include any required medication, equipment (like humidifiers) or remedies at hand or written down. Such a quick resources will make it very easy for you to implement it at a time of an emergency with your newborn.

9. Baby tech

While gadgets can be expensive sometimes, the ones needed for your newborn are worth it. Things like a baby cam, timer, monitor, musical toy, night light or toys in general can be important. This gives you some time to de-stress and not fall back on your newborn's care at the same time.

10. Mommy kit

There is a lot of essentials you need as well. This includes your own maternity clothing, healthy food, essentials for breastfeeding (pumps or any other assistance needed), sanitizers and wet tissues. If your mommy kit is not ready and packed, your newborn will never get your undivided attention ladies!

Are you ready to get out for the most important shopping time of your life? 

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