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10 Things That Need To Happen In 2018 To Make India A Better Country

India has seen and endured a lot in 2017. From crazy politicians to drastic economic changes (Yes, we’re talking about demonetization and GST), from sheer ignorance towards certain subjects to getting overly offended by unnecessary things - It’s been a rollercoaster ride, all right. It’s made a lot of progress we never thought we’d be a witness to, but there are certain things that we wish we are blessed with in 2018 to make it a year to remember.

1. Preventing animal cruelty

Animal cruelty is as real as it gets in India. Internet videos of people portraying animal abuse in which a person threw a puppy off a terrace or how the village locals beat a bear to death are chilling to the bone. PETA needs to be given a voice and it needs to be heard by each and every citizen of our country. Passing strict laws against animal abuse will do nothing but good for our country.

2. Gender Equality

This has been said since as long as we can remember but gender inequality still remains to be a major issue till date. Starting right from female foeticide, misogyny and varied employment opportunities and women being trolled on social media for voicing their thoughts, India has a long way to go and we hope 2018 makes a path towards it.

3. Passing LGBTQ laws

It’s high time that the government recognized and respected LGBTQ rights. They’re often considered as misfits and like there’s something wrong with them rather than just fellow human beings. These issues need to be brought into the limelight rather than making them a taboo topic that is never discussed in a family gathering.

4. Reducing air pollution

2017 was a bad year for people who lived in metropolitan cities with the air quality going to an all-time low and the sudden uprise in the respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses. Several measures like keeping the thermal plants far from the residential areas, providing better public transport and so on have to be taken in 2018 to curb this air pollution and make the air more healthy and breathable for every one of us.

5. Raising mental health awareness

Mental health is neglected to such extent in our country that it isn’t even considered as an illness because it’s not exactly physical. Depression is real and it’s time we as a country came to change the way people think and feel about mental health this new year.

6. Supporting Non-cricketing sportsmen and women

Cricket isn’t the only sport that Indians are good at, far from it actually. Everyone who is working as an individual or as a team to make our country proud in international platforms should be appreciated and celebrated. Indian hockey team (Our national sports team) had to endure many not-so-warm treatments on several occasions and the same is the case with many other sports like kabaddi and football.

7. Giving opportunities to differently abled

India is a land of opportunities, so why shouldn’t everyone get one? Speaking of sports and differently abled, did you know that the Paralympics Indian team didn’t even have access to proper toilets while they were working hard to make our country proud? It isn’t just job quotas that is required for them to have a firm holding in our society, it’s the way people treat them too.

8. Acknowledging marital rape

Another important issue that came to the front in 2017 was marital rape but it was immediately dismissed by ignorant politicians as something that doesn’t exist. The people who run our country are supposed to be the collective voice of the citizens of the country but we’re positively sure that any knowledgeable person would argue otherwise about marital rape not being a ‘thing’. So new laws that promise severe punishment for marital rape should soon be in our legislature.

9. Showing news that actually matters

Media is a powerful tool that influences people in ways only great minds hope to. Using this platform to show unnecessary bouts of quarrels or themselves creating a fight out of thin air is actually an injustice to people watching the channel. While fishermen died in a windstorm, certain channels decided to focus on the celebrity couple who were honeymooning. While it’s not wrong to know about anything and everything, let’s focus on the important stuff in 2018, people.

10. Change the way women are shown in movies

In recent times, there have been a lot of movies that were heroine-centric but not enough. Movies and tv shows that objectify women are still all the craze in India and it’s time it changed in 2018. Move over Munni badnaam and Sheila ki jawani, make way for strong women who would rather stimulate your brains than your groin.

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