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10 Things Nobody Tells You About C-Section

Your final days are here and you must have been really excited to see your dear little one. The showdown begins right when the doctor tells you that it is time for you to get admitted because your baby is ready for you! 

Suddenly you might have cold feet and you might find yourself being flooded with thoughts about the delivery and labor pain. How long will the pain linger around, how to deal with the scar on my body and my weight!! Oh my god, everything seems confusing and scary and you dearly wish that you had more time to prep your mind to deal with it.

C-section is a life saver compared to the normal delivery. You don’t have to deal with the pushing and screaming your guts out. It is a bittersweet thing because on one side you have to undergo knives and operation and the other, you get to see your bundle of joy who kept you waiting for 9 whole months!     

Here are 10 important things that nobody tells you about C-section:

1.It is freezing cold inside

The temperature of the operation theatre is spine-chillingly cold. You will feel shivers running down your body before you go numb and pass out.

2. You have no role to play

Labor isn’t a punishment but a struggle worthy process to bring your baby into the real world. There is absolutely no struggle and you’ll only feel a prick of the anesthesia. A catheter will be inserted so that you don’t have to get up and pee. It will take care of your urges even after a few days post delivery.

3. You’re going to be numb

You’ll feel a gush of cold waves throughout your body before you become all numb. Your eyes will be wide open, it’s just that you won’t feel anything. The doctor will pinch you first and once they get a confirmation from you they will go in for the surgery.

Thank God they place a screen in front of your eyes so that you don’t freak out seeing the tools and blood and your open body!


4.You’ll have the pulling sensation

That’s because the doctors will be opening your tummy and trying to hold the baby. You might have a mini anxiety attack as you might feel like they’re looking for a tool they could’ve left inside you. They do tell you that you might feel a ‘pressure’ because they’re going to sew your tummy.

5. You cannot immediately nurse the baby

Breastfeeding doesn’t immediately happen in the case of C-section. You can hold, kiss and fondle your newborn but the nursing has to wait. The baby will be formula fed before he has milk from you.

You will also find your baby getting attached to the person with the feeding bottle. Fret not, he will get attached to you instantly once he is breastfed.

6.Tablets will help you heal

Don’t even think of skipping your dose of tablets as they’re extremely powerful medicines which are assisting your body to heal the body post-surgery.

7.Expressing breastmilk is hard

Many women find it hard to express milk after having undergone C-section. They find that there is a low level of milk oozing out. It is normal as it can be taken care of with doctor’s help.

8. Forget about LOL

You cannot laugh out loud as it might trigger bleeding at the place of incision. It creates a pressure on the healing cut on your tummy. Stick to emojis on your Whatsapp and express your humor that way!


9. You will feel itchy

Just like the way you feel itchy on a wound when it is drying up, your stitches will tempt you to itch your tummy. Although the itching happens deep inside the layers of your tummy, you will feel like itching it a lot.

10. The cramps

Don’t forget the fact that you’ll experience major cramps in your body.They last long enough to remind you that you had undergone c-section.

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