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10 Surprising Facts About Sex After Pregnancy You Must Know

Sex postpartum is not the same. As a mother, your body has changed immensely. Most partners enjoy this change in your body, so do not be ashamed of it. You need to pre-plan sex, that is comfortable for the both of you.

1. The hormones in a pregnant woman's body changes a lot. One of the most significant change is in your pelvic rim. Your hormones tend to take over your life postpartum and one of the most significant changes it makes, whether you have had a c-section or a normal delivery, is in your pelvic rim which is slightly widen. Which means sex with your partners is not going to seem particularly fulfilling.

2. Most women experience acute pain while having sex. This is quite common in most postpartum women. Consult a doctor if you think it is serious or if your discomfort continues.

3. Postpartum depression can cause a drop in your sex drive. This condition is very common among new mothers. They are unable to feel a connect with their baby or partner, and the best you as her partner can do is support her and not insist on sex if she isn't keen on it.  

4. Use contraceptives even though you are breastfeeding, as you are prone to conceiving again,. Breastfeeding does not eliminate the chance of pregnancy.

5. Postpartum your priorities change and sex becomes the least of your priorities. Most women go through the dip in sex drive. Sex will become a priority for you, but it will take time and you and your partner will need to be patient with each other.

6. While having sex, you might find yourself in a puddle of breast milk. It is quite common for nursing mothers to excrete excess milk while having sex. There is no need to be embarrassed. Most women go through this and your partner is unlikely to react as badly as you think he might.

7. After you have healed, sex after you become parents is more enjoyable than before. The fact that your body has changed, especially in your genital area, you are likely to exult the pleasure out of sex. Giving birth opens up numerous sensations you did not know existed making sex more pleasurable.

8. After giving birth you will realise how hectic your schedule becomes, and by the end of the day you fall asleep without giving any thought to sex. Though, once you realise the miracle of having a quickie in the afternoons, your pleasure hormones wake up!

9. Due to your hormones going on a rampage, your vagina may not discharge natural lubricants, which makes sex painful and sulky for you. Use water-based lubricants that can help in making sex pleasurable.

10. Sex can hurt even if you did not deliver vaginally. Mothers that go through c-sections also experience pain during sex. This can be attributed to a number of changes taking place in your body, specifically hormonal imbalance and breast feeding. If the pain prolongs, consult a doctor.

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