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10 Subtle Ways To Seduce Your Husband

Having an intimate time with your new husband is easier when you've just connected and can't keep your hands off of each other, the real challenge comes years later when you’re married with a child. Want his attention back? Try these 10 subtle ways to tempt him.

1. Wear Red

This one's a proven tactic, studies have shown that men find women wearing red irresistible. Women too, find red attractive on men but the effect isn't as intense. Dress accordingly to ensure the date night with your husband has a happy ending.

2. Sexting

Tried it yet? Sexting has become all the rage now especially after Snapchat. But you don't need those saucy pics disappearing from his phone. Send him a seductive text or a photo of you (be imaginative), show him what he's missing while he's at work and witness the effect when he gets back. 

3. Change together

Nothing is more erotic than reminding him of your sensuality in a subtle manner. Tie his tie, help him wear the belt, dress him up. You’ll get a similar treatment if not better.

4. Tease him

Do the house chores slowly where he’s sitting, fold some clothes or just tidy the seats on the sofa, parade around him back and forth, bend down and pick up things lying on the floor, reach for the jar on the highest shelf. Just make sure he has the view, the rest will be taken care of.

5. Let your hair down

Don't wear it up, keep your hair undone. When you're just out of the shower, dry your hair in front of him, sit by his side. It won't be long before he starts stroking and playing with your hair eventually leading to other things.

6. Lingerie Shopping

Take him underwear shopping and try on different lingeries for him. Bring him to the changing room, let him touch you, clothe you and have you the moment you get back home.

7. Surprise him

Around the time he gets back from work, dim the lights and leave the TV on, playing some mellow music. This romantic atmosphere creates a laid-back, relaxed and romantic mood. Answer the door wearing something feminine like short pyjamas or a cotton shirt with a sexy cut. Avoid anything that shows too much skin.

8. Touch yourself in front of him

The perfect moment for doing this is when you're both alone probably watching TV. Foxily slip your hand down your panties, start moaning softly and when you have his attention get more graphic but don't let him touch you yet. Have your fun while his mouth waters, then surrender.

9. Tell him what you want

Exactly what you want him doing to your body. Hold his hand and place it where you want it to be, tell him what needs to be done, get dominant. Men fancy being told what to do in bed, makes them feel like you're into it as much as they are. He cares about you orgasming, more than himself.

10. Beg

Men love being desired as much as women do, the attention and a sense of superiority in bed coupled with the feeling of having absolute control over you is a huge turn-on. This could also happen over the phone ending in a midday rendezvous if you manage to do a good job convincing him. If possible, make it seem like you want him with a slight hint of desperation in your voice.

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