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10 Stunning Pics Of Dads Helping Their Babies Come Into The World

Moms are, of course, the front runners of childbirth but dads, the underdogs, are very important too. Nothing matters more than a shoulder to lean on when you're most vulnerable which is why it is important for fathers to involved in the childbirth too. Here are 10 such powerful birth photographs that show the dads being involved in and loving delivering their babies.  


These parents chose to go au natural by water birthing. And the father chose to be actively involved in the process. Right from making sure his wife is comfortable, he even brought his baby out with his own hands. 


Labour can be intense. This husband held his wife in his arms as she suffered through painful contractions. A few hours later, they had a beautiful baby right in their arms to make them forget all the pain and discomfort. 


What's more wonderful than a doting dad that won't leave his wife's side under any circumstances. He's the beacon of light, the pillar of support and strength that the mom looks at to remember that she can do it. She's strong and capable enough to deliver their child. 


The mom and dad hold the newborn tightly in their arms. The skin-on-skin contact is really important to form that everlasting bond between the parents and their beloved child. The mom's face says it all. 


This father was ecstatic to be the first one to hold the little one in his arms. A proud daddy looks on as the mother sheds tears of happiness. 


The dad holds the newborn in his arms as the doctors cut the umbilical cord. Childbirth is one of the first times that the parents rejoice at hearing their baby cry because it means she's healthy, alive and ready to kick butt. 


This mother had to have an emergency C-section but her husband never left her side. He was with her right from when the doctors tried and managed her pain and operated on her tummy to take the baby out. This fierce photos shows the love and support he has for his wife and how in that moment, it's just him and his wife. 


This photo is another instance of how all the pain and suffering is forgotten the second the baby's cries resonates in the room. The father is more than happy to be part of the birthing that is sure to bring lots of joy in their lives. 


When a woman chooses to give birth without the help of any pain management options, you know that it's going to be an experience that she won't forget for a long time. Her partner is right with her, making sure she gets all the strength required to nurture and give birth to a human being. 


During the C-section, the parents were worried (as one would be) that something might go wrong but you can see how these worries quickly dissipated once they held their little one in their arms. 

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