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10 Signs That Your Man Is Cheating On You

A healthy relationship is built on trust and faith. It requires a lot of effort from either sides, for a relationship to last longer. But, sometimes things don't happen the way we want to. If trust, the main component of a relationship breaks, the whole relationship will fall apart.

Sometimes you will get hints or some gut feeling that your partner is cheating on you. You can't have a healthy relationship, with suspicion and doubts growing in the mind. So, look out for the signs. If you are with a person for a certain period of time, you will be able to recognize the changes in their attitude.

Here are a few signs that your partner might be cheating on you.

1. The usual ones:

If you find lipstick marks on his clothes or any other woman's fragrance on him, for more than once, then it is a definite sign that he is involved with another woman. But it an old-fashioned one and guys are very good at covering up this deed.

2. Cares more about his appearance:

You know how well your partner maintains his personal hygiene. Any sudden changes to this i.e., if he cares more about his looks, shaves regularly, showers regularly, dresses up well, and exercises every day, then it is something to be looked into.

3. Stays away from you:

If your man refrains from being intimate with you, then there are chances that he might be involved with another woman. He will not even touch you and will lose interest in sleeping with you.

4. Fights over little things:

He will pick up a fight with you even for petty things. This is a kind of excuse to stay away from you. He might even lose his temper if you start questioning him and will start accusing you, for no reason.

5. Social media profile:

If he blocks you from viewing his friends or pages in social media, then there is definitely something fishy. Moreover, if he like and follows sexy women on social media, it is easy to predict his intentions.

6. Working late:

He will spend more time in office, than before, excusing that he has been working overtime. This might be an excuse to stay away from you or due to the arrival of a new female colleague.

7. Being nice:

All of sudden, he will surprise you with gifts and let you do your favorite things. He will be romantic than ever and there will not be any specific reasons for it. This is because guys will feel guilty about cheating you and would like to get rid of it by being nice to you.

8. Uses his a phone a lot:

When your man is using his phone for texting and chatting for long hours and ignores you, it means that he is busy with someone else on the phone. He will not part with his phone and if you pick up his phone to do something, he will get very nervous.

9. More time with friends:

He will not show up for any occasion, claiming that he has to hang out with his friends, whom you would have never even met.

10. Needs privacy:

Spending time with oneself is not an abnormal one. But, if it happens frequently, then it is something to be looking upon. Attending private calls for long hours and demanding more personal time will be a sign that he is cheating on you.

If few of the above signs are matching with your partner's behavioral pattern, then it's just a coincidence and there is nothing to be worried about. But if a majority of the above signs match with your partner's behavior, then it is time to make things clear. As said earlier, you cannot have a healthy relationship with doubts and suspicion in mind. So, speak with your partner and clear the things with him. If he is found guilty of cheating, decide whether you have to be in such a relationship.

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