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10 Rules To Make Your Marriage A Bed Of Roses

Every individual, be it men or women, have their own set of expectations when it comes to their marriage. While some dream of a fairytale marriage, many want their partners to be understanding and compatible. It takes effort from both the partners to make a marriage work. Here is a guide to a successful marriage that every person entering into wedlock should practice religiously.

Never compare your partner with anyone

Everyone has role models and idols. But comparing your partner all the time is unwarranted. Comparing the culinary skills of your wife with that of your mother's can affect your relationship and the marriage to the core. Your father or brother can be your hero but comparing your husband to them is not cool. For both the partners, it is more important to appreciate each other's qualities than comparing them with others.

Be clear on the financial matter

In many marriages, finance often proves to be the point of discord which takes a toll on the marriage. Both the partners should discuss their financial status in details well before marriage. Discussions like these enable both the partners to plan things (both the present as well as the future) better, bringing happiness and prosperity to the marriage. 

Never try to be over dominating

If you want respect in a relationship, learn to give it too. Many times, a marriage falls apart because one of the partners try to gain the upper hand all the time. This attitude can destroy a marriage and is just not acceptable. You got to respect your partner's options and wishes as well.

Be honest with your partner about your past

Being in a relationship is not a crime. But hiding it from your partner may not be a wise decision. Believe me! Your partner will be more hurt to learn about your past from someone else. If you are sharing your life with a person, start it with honesty. If you were not wrong, and if your partner is genuine, you have nothing to fear.

Don't drag an argument unnecessarily

When two individuals put up together, fights and arguments are inevitable. But both the partners should know where to draw the line. No matter how angry you are, refrain from making any unwanted comments about your partner's profession or family members.

Give each other some space

There is no denying the fact that spending quality time with your partner is a special feeling, but don't expect them to be with you 24X7. Give them some space. Let them also catch up with friends and well-wishers. Your love should be their strength rather than a burden.

Compromising at times is good

Making small sacrifices can enhance the beauty of a relationship even further. Sacrificing your favourite serial for a football match or giving your partner a break from their household chores for a day is worth appreciating. However, the sacrifices should come from both the partners. It cannot be one partner at the receiving end all the time.

Don't suppress your emotions

A successful marriage is one where both the partners share a friendly relationship, filled with understanding, some fights and lots of love. If you feel strongly about something, share it with your partner. Do not bottle up your emotions.

Trust and compatibility are essential

Trust and compatibility are like oxygen that breathes life into a marriage. Before you marry a person make sure you both are compatible (at least at some points if not all).

Family planning should be a mutual decision

Going the family way is no easy task. It brings in a lot of changes and challenges in a couple's life. Don't plan a family because the world wants that, plan it because you both are ready to take the plunge.

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