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10 Romantic Gestures Every Girl Wants From Her Hubby

For most women, romance is not about expensive trips, dinners or gifts. It’s about how well their husbands treat them on the daily. It’s the affection and admiration that is seen in the everyday things that make a woman feel loved and wanted.Being a gentleman is never overrated and that is exactly what every girl wants out of her significant other! Here are 10 grand romantic gestures that every girl wants from her husband-

1. Unexpected kisses


Kisses are just the best way of showing love! Goodbye and goodnight kisses are a must. Plus, those sneaky kisses on the forehead or cheek when you’re out with your friends or family are so adorable.

2. Holding her in public


Being held or simply holding hands in public doesn’t only make your wife feel safe, but also worth being protected. It is also a sign that your partner is not embarrassed by you and feels like showing you off. It is just really cute.

3. Helping her with the household


Even if you’re working, managing the house is not any one person’s job and it feels wonderful if your husband actually understands this. This tells a woman that her husband cares about her deeply and doesn’t want her overburdened with house work. Be it buying groceries or making the bed in the morning, having a partner help you through it feels amazing!

4. Valuing her opinion

It feels great when your husband not only asks you for your opinion on things that matter to him, however small or big they are, but also values it. This makes a woman feel very involved in her husband’s life and an indispensable part of his life. This also tells a woman that her opinion is respected and honestly, isn’t that so romantic?

5. Offering your jacket when she’s cold


This one is definitely a classic. But most men just stop doing this after getting married. Husbands should remember that it is just a very sweet gesture, wanting your woman to be warm.

6. Listening to her

It tells her that she’s not just just a blabberer and you’re actually paying attention to what she’s saying. Be it ranting about work or some fun story about your friends, it really feels nice if your husband actually listens and remembers stuff when you bring it up again.

7. Getting her things she likes


Now these need not be expensive things, just surprise her with her favorite ice cream or chocolate and that is more than enough! Writing letters or cards or bringing flowers is also super romantic!

8. Taking a day off

Taking a day off from work whenever possible to just to spend some quality time with your wife is a great way of telling her that you love her and can’t get enough of her!

9. Taking care of her when she’s sick


It has a healing effect when your husband takes care of you when you’re sick, for obvious reasons. It’s nice to know that he cares for you deeply and wants you around, up and healthy, as soon as possible!

10. Saying ‘I love you’ every day

Yes yes yes! No man can go wrong with this. It is very romantic and has the power of transforming a bad day into a good one, and a good one into a great one! Also, it is the best way to end fights.

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