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10 Reasons Why You Have Painful Breastfeeding Sessions

Everything wonderful comes with a teeny little bit of struggle and pain. The most satisfying thing for a mom would be~ to see her baby healthy with a full tummy.However, feeding a baby isn’t an easy game. It isn’t anything like pushing a pacifier in the baby’s mouth. Although breastfeeding hurts often but soon there comes a phase when you begin to dread the feeding session.   

If you haven’t been able to figure out why you’re in pain while breastfeeding, here are a few possible reasons:

1.Improper latching

Latching is like gripping with the mouth. If it doesn’t happen properly, it will hurt. The way you hold the baby while breastfeeding also determines if the latching will happen properly or not.

2. Heavy breasts

It is also known as breast engorgement. It occurs when the breasts are full of milk and the baby has been consuming less milk than it is being produced. You will notice that your breasts are painful, swollen and firm. The nipple will feel sore and becomes flat and therefore latching isn’t happening properly.

3.Bubble in the nipple

It is also called bubble palate. It causes a sharp stinging pain in the areolar region. It makes it difficult for babies to suck milk so they end up sucking vigorously. Hence you experience painful breastfeeding sessions.

4.Tongue tie

If the baby is unable to lift the tongue to even make the suckling motions, it becomes difficult for the baby to suck milk. So, the baby ends up pushing the nipple upwards with his tongue. It will result in damaging the nipple if he continues to do so.

If you hear noisy suckling, make sure your baby has deeper latching to suck correctly.

5.The thrush

It is a harmless infection in the baby’s mouth that can affect the mother while breastfeeding. Since breastfeeding is all about moist, warm and sugary thing to do, thrush sustains there easily. It can get transmitted to your nipples causing a burning sensation. It continues to pass between you and your baby until it is treated.


Babies tend to develop teeth by the age of 6 months. Breastfeeding can become tedious and painful especially at this time. Give your baby a teether or a washed soft cloth to chew on.

7. A bleb

A white spot on your nipple which resembles a pimple. This bleb is filled with milk and it appears in the pores of the nipple. When the baby suckles, it is painful as it is hard in nature. Use wet compressor and apply gentle pressure on it to remove it.

8.Blocked nipples

Any clogging in the nipples will hinder the flow of milk. It is lumpy and red in color. It makes the nipple very sore. Massage your breasts and use a hot towel so that the moist heat will clear any blocks.


It is a condition that commonly happens to all new moms. The tissue around the infected area becomes inflamed. It occurs when the baby doesn’t latch onto the breast properly or feeding more from either of the breasts.

10. Reverse or inverted nipple

First-time mommies are prone to this as their nipple doesn’t protrude fully. Since the baby isn’t able to suck the milk properly it causes immense pain to the mommy. You might have to use a breast pump to provide stimulation to the breast.


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