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10 Random Things Every New Mom Can Relate To

If you’re a first-time mommy, you will totally relate to these experiences. Becoming a mother for the first time is super exciting and at the same time, it is equal to being in a bowl of soup. Of course, no woman is born with the art of motherhood and the first-time makes it an unforgettable and whacky experience. Every new mommy is overwhelmed with the joy of holding her little one in her arms and nurse them. The sheer satisfaction of seeing the baby feed on her breast milk is a feeling only a mother will relate to.

I will be shocked to know if you’re able to run errands, take care of the house, baby and the husband all at once. If you claim to do so, either you’re highly functional or just a highly functional robot. Obviously, nobody is perfect! Here are a bunch of random experiences that EVERY first-time mommy relates to:

1. You’ll accidentally hurt your kid

While playing you might end up tossing your baby’s favourite toy on his face...ACCIDENTALLY! Seeing your baby cry after that must really make you feel like a horrible parent. But trust me, don’t take it so hard on yourself. After all, it was just an accident.

2. You will eat 98% of your meals incredibly fast using both your hands!

Believe it or not, there comes a phase where every mother has to thulp her food and rush back to attend to the crying baby.

3.You attain super ninja powers

When you have to go into the room in which your baby is sleeping, you need to put on a ninja suit. Why? Because you don’t want to wake the baby up! So, you learn all the sneak-peek tricks and try hard to not be seen or heard. That’s exactly what ninjas do.

4.You’ll do your best to keep your phone away from the kid

Despite all your efforts, your kid will manage to get to the phone and this is exactly what your gallery will look like when you open it.

5.You’ll laugh more often than you think

Your baby will make you laugh unintentionally of course! He will do literally everything silly and funny that will tickle your funny bones!

6.The power of puppy face

Children are truly a bundle of joy in our lives and it is really hard to resist and say “NO” to your little one. You’ll find yourself giving into your child’s little demands when they flash that puppy face right at you!

7.Say goodbye to your favourite possessions

Kids have the knacks and hacks for dirtying, losing and breaking your favourite household items. If you’re deeply rooted and attached with a particular cushion, prepare to bid adieu because it won’t be a part of the household soon.

8.Embarrassment? What’s that?

Singing to your baby who cries in public or driving your kid to school in a nightdress or pyjamas? Nah, it’s going to take more than that.

9. Buying goodies for your kids makes you happier

Seeing a 100-volt smile on your child’s face when you buy them something they really wanted, will make your day brighter. It is quite satisfying to see that more than buying something for yourself. Seeing their eyes twinkle and sparkle is ultimately everything a mom wants!

10.Everything is going to be alright!

People will tell you it is alright and guess what! It is true and life will fall into its place just the way it is supposed to. Even with all the maddening routines, being a mommy to your child is one of the most overwhelming and rewarding experiences ever!

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