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10 Powerful Things You Should Say To Your Husband

In a marriage, what matters most is the time you spend with each other. Every moment matters since you both get to spend only so much time together - especially if you are both working at different offices. What you say or do in the little time you have together can mean a lot to your significant other. To make your marriage work, you have to put in the effort. Here are a few powerful phrases you can say to make your bond with your husband grow stronger:

1. “Let’s spend time together”

From time to time, remind your husband how much you want to spend time with him. He probably misses spending time with you too and it will make him feel nice to know that you feel the same. Set up a date night to spend with each other and cancel all other plans for that day.

2. “You are an awesome parent!”

When you see your husband having a hard time doing his duties or if you find that he is feeling low for not being able to spend enough time with the kids, let him know that you think he is doing a great job at being a parent. Sometimes, it is nice to get some reassurance from your soulmate and parenting partner.

3. “Thank you for everything”

When your husband seems to have had a long day, that is the best time to let him know that you are grateful for him and everything that he does. This will help lift his spirits and put a smile on his face as most husbands often complain that their wives don’t appreciate them enough. So let him know how much you do appreciate him.

4. “You are my best friend”

He is the one person you are going to spend the rest of your life with and share the most memories with. Let him know that you do count him as your closest friend and confidante. This will enable both of you to share more stories with each other and be more open with each other.

5. “You make me smile”

Most men, knowingly or unknowingly, try to make the woman in their life smile or feel happy. So when you acknowledge this and tell them that they are indeed the reason they smile, they will definitely feel great about themselves.

6. “How are you feeling?”

Rather than asking the regular “How are you?” ask your husband “How are you feeling?” This enables him to give a much deeper answer and allows you to have a deeper conversation with him.

7. “I am proud of you”

Those times when your husband accomplishes something great - whether it is at work or a hobby - you should let him know that you are proud of him. But that should not be the only time you tell him that you are proud of him. You should also say so when he does something mundane like cleaning up the dishes all by himself or changing your baby’s diapers for the first time without any assistance from you, etc.

8. “I am myself when I’m with you”

We all know that feeling we get when we are at home. You finally get to stop pretending to be that perfect lady everyone thinks you are and you start being freer. The only one who gets to see this side of you is your husband because you feel that comfortable around him. Let him know that this is one of the reasons you love him - because you can be yourself around him.

9. “I’m so glad I married you”

After you have had a fight, your husband may feel a bit upset or low. He may feel like he let you down. That’s when he needs to know that you still love him. Let him know that you are happy to be married to him and that you would have it no other way. You can do so while doing something as mundane and loving as giving him his favourite tea time snack.

10. “I like you”

Rather than saying a simple “I love you” which you probably already say every day (if you don’t, then this is the 11th thing you should say!), let him know how much you like his personality. This can actually make him feel good about himself.

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