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10 Pictures Of Preemie Babies Smiling Because They’re Happy To Be Alive

Any baby that is born before 37 weeks of gestation period is called a premature baby or a preemie baby. These babies appear thinner and weaker than babies that are born after completing 9 months in the womb. They are dealt with extra care which might include supplying oxygen and using a feeding tube to provide them with all the necessary nutrition.

Every second is a struggle because they are constantly fighting a battle just to be alive. They say that a baby’s smile is contagious but a preemie baby’s smile could light up an entire nation. Here are a few pictures of smiling premature babies that’ll make your day: 

1. This little lady weighed just 1.75 kgs when she was born, but look at that adorable little smile that is too precious to ignore. 

2.  This adorable munchkin was born at just 31 weeks before she couldn't wait any longer to meet her parents and explore the world! 

3. Born at 34 weeks and weighing just a little more than 2 kgs, this little guy is doing great now. 

4.  Look at that adorable little face that's saying 'Dad, it's okay. I'm stronger than you think'. Oh, by the way, he weighed 1.8 kgs when he came into this world. 

5.  This little baby not only survived being born so early, she even suffered a stroke that she bravely fought and came out smiling like a champion. 

6. This cute baby was barely 1 kg at birth but I bet this smile says otherwise right? 

7. 'I know you worry about me, mommy and daddy but you don't have to. I'm doing perfectly fine!' (Born at just 25 weeks weighing 0.9kg) 

8. In this picture you not only get to see how the baby looked when it was born but also how he grew to become a smiling, healthy child. Beautiful, isn't it? 

9. Born seven weeks early, this tiny guy is determined to make it through with a smile on his face! 

10. Just 36 weeks and out into the world to see and conquer. Hang in there, little human, the world has a lot of delights for you to enjoy. 


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