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10 Physical Activities That are a NO-NO During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a multi varied experience. There is so much anxiety and excitement at the same time. While you are getting ready for your baby’s arrival, you need to not only eat right but exercise well. Activities during pregnancy is a big health benefit. Walking and simple stretches after consultation are safest way to ensure you and your baby’s well being.

While pregnancy has the importance of exercise, there are risks and things you may not know about. As you prepare the best homecoming for your little one, here are 12 physical activities that are a NO-NO during you pregnancy.

1. High Intensity Training (HIT)

Physical activities like kickboxing, aerobics and gymnastics, etc should be avoided. While experienced women can continue with consultation, usually high intensity training is not advised during pregnancy. There are great chances of easy injuries and going against one’s own abilities i.e. pushing yourself beyond the safety for your pregnancy.

There are many ways HIT activities is surely going to be unsafe for both you and your baby.

- relaxin. It is a hormone that is secreted to form loser ligaments, preparing your body for birth. Extreme activities are surely going to cause clumsiness due to the looseness.

- constant blood flow changes during such extreme activities, causing dangerous dizziness.

- blood pressure and body temperature are continually fluctuated as well as elevated, affecting the baby’s development. This is why even too hot or humid baths as well as environments are a big danger for you and your baby as blood circulation is affecting by the extreme rise in the temperatures.

- trauma in your stomach. Extreme exercises can cause you to lose your footing, slip or slam into the ground on your stomach - all which is clear danger to your pregnancy.

2. Stomach and Back Exercises

These activities are a big no-no, especially dangerous for long periods of time. An obvious unsafe amount of exertion required from both kinds of activities. In fact, back exercises brings down your cardiac output. This makes you feel dizzy and affects the flow of the blood carrying nutrients as well as oxygen to your baby. It is more advisable to consult with your doctor to exercise on your side in a much safe manner.

3. Contact Sports

Contact sports like soccer, basketball or ice hockey have an obvious risk of impact, falls, poor balance and injuries that clearly unsafe during pregnancy.

4. Exertion

Make sure that you do NOT exercise when you know or your doctor knows are not upto to doing any kind of physical activity. This could include simple chores, walking or even a long duration travel. Travel alone is a question as inactivity for long periods is dangerous not only for circulation but also for your baby’s development.

5. Yoga

While simple consulted yoga is alright, extreme yoga like bikram yoga should be definitely avoided. These types of yogas will have dangerous need like a heated room. In addition to problems that temperatures cause, your baby might also have several neural tube defects.

6. New Exercises


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It is important that you do not start experimenting in any form during a sensitive time like pregnancy. If you are not used to any exercise or activity - it is advisable that you do not attempt to try any so that you can concentrate on keeping your baby safe. Pregnancy is more of a time to ensure overall health and not a time to try unknown things that you do not know the consequences about.

7. Cycling

Cycling might be an activity that is more safe as a home exercise. On the other hand, cycling outdoors increases the dangers of falls, poor balance and injuries.

8. Active Water Sports

These activities include surfing, scuba diving or river rafting. Such kinds of active water sports causes decompression sickness which results from changes in atmospheric pressure. Here too, there is great danger of falls, poor balance and injuries.

9. Tennis

Tennis is an active game that will create dangers of falls, poor balance and injuries. This could be even impact from the ball or your partner in the game. In tennis, the aspects of stretching required for wide balls many times increases danger for your baby.

10. High Impact or Altitude

As there is increased movement and risk of falling in high impact/altitude activities there are definite no-no. These include horse riding, skiing or snowboarding. The main reason being that the lack of oxygen and extreme altitude sickness create complications in your pregnancy. In addition, there is the obvious danger of falls, poor balance and injuries.

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Your awareness of your feelings and signs is the most important thing. In addition, your doctor and any trusted person are your ultimate guides. 

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