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10 Must-Take Photos Of Your Baby's First Day First Show

The birth of a child is one of the most phenomenal experiences that a couple will ever experience. Amidst all the rushing and pushing, the anticipation of the father and the exhaustion of the mother, photographs is all we have to experience and relive those raw emotions all over again.

Here are few photographs by a Dutch photographer- Marry Fermont that will stay in your mind for a long time. She’ s a proud mom of 3 kids and has captured around 105 babies being born. Let the inspiration games begin!!!

1. Hello mommy! 
2. Hello from the other side!!
3.The first contact with my mommy
4. When he cried they cried tears of pride!
5. One small parcel from the stork!
6. In the hands of love
7. She finally heaved a sigh of relief
8. The sound of her cry made them smile!
9.Surprise mommy! 
10. Daddy, one day I will make you proud!


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