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10 Movies That Are A MUST Watch During Pregnancy

What better way to spend your pregnancy than binge-watching on movies? We can’t think of any! If you can of something more fun and entertaining than sitting in front of the TV and experiencing the magic of cinema, let us know in the comment section below. Anywho, coming back to movies that you HAVE to watch, you have just 9 months to spare so get started on the list immediately:

1. English Vinglish

English Vinglish is one of the most beautiful movies that Sridevi has left behind for us. It is well scripted and is a must watch for any to-be mommy out there. As humans, we are bound to have those days when we feel down and hopeless. Especially during pregnancy, these days might be more than a handful and this movie is perfect to be watched on those days.

2. Kahaani

This thriller revolves around a pregnant woman who goes out on a journey to find out her missing husband. With loads of twists and turns, it will keep you on your belly the whole time.

3. Heyy babyy

This is a hilarious comedy that shows how the lives of 3 irresponsible men change when a baby is added to the mix. It is a rollercoaster of highs and lows where you’ll be left pining after the adorable little girl in the movie.

4. Paa

That heart touching connection between a mom and her son is beautifully depicted in this movie. The son suffers from a rare condition called progeria where the symptoms of ageing start showing up very early on. You’ll be filled with love, hope and energy by the time you finish the movie.

5. What to expect when you’re expecting

This rom-com shows the lives of 5 different couples who are experiencing the highs and lows of pregnancy and how pregnancy hormones is a real thing. This will give you an idea of just how unique and unpredictable every pregnancy is.

6. Taare Zameen Par

If you haven’t watched this movie before or if you already have, pregnancy is one of the best times to binge watch it. It shows a young boy struggling with dyslexia and taking over the challenges that are thrown in his way. Truly, a must watch.

7. Salaam Namaste

This story is about a lovely couple who are in a live-in relationship but when the girl gets pregnant, everything comes spiralling down. This coming of the age tale deals with the taboo of live-in relationships and pregnancy before marriage.

8. Baby Mama

Two comedy queens - Amy Poehler and Tina Fey get together in this movie to have the fun of a lifetime. The movie starts off with Tina Fey hiring Amy Poehler to be a surrogate mother to her child and it continues on to how the two women battle their differences and support each other through the pregnancy.

9. Mother India

This 1950’s drama is a classic that shows a woman in a poverty-stricken village who raises her sons on her own after her husband abandons her. It will inspire you and give you the confidence to handle all the challenges that are thrown in your way - pregnancy or not.

10. Nine months

True to the name, this 90’s film has a feel-good quality attached to it. The handsome Hugh Grant and the beautiful Julianne Moore are a couple who deal with unplanned pregnancy. It is a clever mix of humour and emotions that will have you laughing and crying - maybe, even at the same time ;)

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