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10 Interesting Facts About India You Probably Didn’t Know

India, the land of opportunities, equalities and just a tonne of amazing people. And with all the goods and the bads that exist in our country, it is no secret that there are some amazing things happening in our country which we might not even be aware of. As such, there are many different and interesting facts about this beautiful land you must be aware of. And we would like to highlight some of them here.

1. Switzerland’s Science Day is dedicated to Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

Yes, not just Indians appreciate and love the Rocket Man. Even other countries have high respect for our former President and Switzerland even went ahead to name an entire day after him.

2. India is world’s second largest English speaking country

Second, to only the USA, India is the world’s second largest English speaking country where almost 125 Million people are perfectly fluent in the language and these people are barely 10% of the total population.

3. Diamonds were first mined in India

Initially, diamonds were only found in the alluvial deposits in Guntur and Krishna District of the Krishna River Delta. As a result, India was the only country that was mining this precious jewel. The Kohinoor diamond too was mined from this area only.

4. Rabindranath Tagore wrote Bangladesh’s National anthem

One of the most prominent poets of his time, Rabindranath Tagore is not only credited with writing the Indian national anthem but the anthem of Bangladesh as well. And that is not all, the Britishers wanted to award him with a knighthood. But the legend refused the honour after the Jallianwala Bagh massacre.

5. Most number of vegetarians

India is the country with the largest number of vegetarians in the world. And as such, the consumption of plant-based diets in highest in India. Around 30-40% of Indians are vegetarians and hence India is indeed the largest vegetarian-friendly country.

6. Snakes and Ladders game originated in India

Earlier known as Moksha Patamu, the game was initially invented as a moral lesson about karma to be taught to children. It was later commercialized and has become one of the most popular board games in the world. It is one of the most famous games in the world and is thus highly entertaining.

7. India has never lost a Kabaddi world cup

Of all the Kabaddi world cups that have happened till now, India has won all of them and they are proud to have a great Kabaddi team. And it’s not just the men’s world cup. India’s women team has also won all the Kabaddi world cups till date.

8. Highest cricket ground

Yes, our obsession with cricket has taken us to great lengths. One of them is the Chail Cricket ground in Himachal Pradesh which is the highest cricket ground in the world. This amazing ground was built in 1893 and is at a height of 2,444 metres above sea level.

9. The floating post office

India has the largest postal network in the world with over 1, 55,015 post offices. A single post office on an average serves a population of 7,175 people. The floating post office in Dal Lake, Srinagar, is one of it’s kind and has been put up on a boat that is floating in the Dal Lake.

10. Wettest inhabited place in the world

Mawsynram, a village on the Khasi Hills, Meghalaya, receives the highest recorded average rainfall in the world. This village in the north-eastern part of India is the wettest inhabited place in the world with a whole different type of architecture and flora.

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