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10 Health Benefits of Eating Ragi You Did Not Know About

benefits of ragi

As nutritional and fitness trends keep changing, so do dietary changes. Some people resort to hectic and harmful diets on the extreme side of the spectrum in desperation to attain an ideal of their body type in the least time possible. Such extreme measures cause more harm than good to our bodies, which don’t show signs of damage at first, but eventually leads to a crash and burn situation.

Rather than resorting to desperate dieting tactics, we have a solution for you that keep our farmers at their fit best. Their lives involve physical work that we can only try to match in a gym, and their bodies are fighting fit even though the general poverty they face. Health and fitness are not about the costliest of supplements one can afford, but eating right can make all the difference.

Allow us to introduce you to the wonder grain - Ragi.

Table Of Content:

What is Ragi?

How to Prepare Ragi?

Health Benefits of Eating Ragi

- Ragi Helps Lose Weight Quickly

- Ragi Reduces Cholesterol In Your Body

- Ragi Helps Control Diabetes

- Ragi Helps Your Bones Grow Stronger

- Ragi Slows Down Signs of Ageing

- Ragi Is A Rich Source of Amino Acids and Protein

- Ragi Helps Beat Anaemia

- Ragi Helps New Mothers Lactate Better

- Ragi For Babies

- Ragi Aids Relaxation


What Is Ragi?

benefits of ragi

Ragi is a powerhouse grain that is the only of its kind to be consumed in its purest form, without polishing unlike other grains such as rice and pulses. Also known as Millets or naachni, Ragi benefits children as well as adults. Ragi’s nutrition value is on the high side when it comes to grains and pulses. It contains calcium, amino acids, fibre, proteins etc. that helps provide your body with a balanced amount of nourishment.

How to Prepare Ragi?

Ragi can be used to prepare ragi malt by mixing half a cup of ragi flour into a cup of water along with a pinch of cardamom powder. Add this paste to half a cup of boiling milk with 1 teaspoon sugar or jaggery. Drink this blend mixed with fruits every morning for a breakfast that will help you power through your day.

You can also reap ragi’s health benefits by making porridge, soup or upma from the cereal. There are several brands that sell unsweetened and uncoated ragi cereal flakes you can have with a bowl of milk.'

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Health Benefits of Ragi

benefits of ragi

Following are the health benefits of eating ragi or millets in your daily diet:

1. Ragi To Help Lose Weight Quickly

Ragi contains an amino acid called Tryptophan that helps to control and curb one’s appetite. The amount of fibre present in ragi helps your stomach feel full for longer by absorbing water. Ragi is a very popular grain among people who are trying to regulate their weight due to its ability to slow down the body’s metabolism rate, thereby making them avoid over-snacking.The health benefits of eating ragi is that it has very low levels of saturated fats which makes it an ideal grain to consume for breakfast in the form of flakes and ragi porridges.

2. Ragi Reduces Cholesterol In Your Body

Ragi benefits your body by lowering cholesterol by extracting and cutting out unwanted fat from your liver. The amino acids Lecithin, Methionine and Threonine help to prevent and reduce the formation of fat in the liver to maintain its health. Unripe ragi when consumed can help lower blood pressure and hypertension in people.

3. Ragi Helps Control Diabetes

The rich content of polyphenols and fibre present in ragi helps patients with Diabetes Mellitus control their condition and even bring it to a lower level. The consumption of ragi has also been proven to reduce the risk of diabetes in adults. Ragi benefits fitness enthusiasts as it has a very low glycemic index that makes ragi an ideal snack to prevent food cravings.

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benefits of ragi

4. Ragi Help to Your Bones Grow Stronger

There is no other cereal or pulse that comes close to the amount of calcium ragi contains. Calcium is an important nutrient needed by toddlers and adults alike. Toddlers can escape having overly soft bones or bow-legs and early onset of osteoporosis by consuming ragi porridge regularly. Adults can replace their calcium tablets with ragi kanji, flakes or porridge to avoid or improve osteoporosis and arthritis. Pregnant women and women who have had babies also should consume ragi since most of their body’s calcium is used to develop the bones of the fetus.

5. Ragi Slows Down Signs of Ageing

Ragi has amino acids and antioxidants like Methionine and lysine that are important for the development of collagen in our skin. Collagen is the substance that keeps our skin elastic and hydrated, giving it a youthful appearance. Drinking fresh pressed ragi juice made by grinding raw ragi makes an ideal drink to battle wrinkles and sagging skin. Tryptophan present in ragi benefits you as it alleviates stress, anxiety and depression, which are the main causes of premature ageing.

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6. Ragi Is A Rich Source of Amino Acids and Protein

Ragi is a very rich source of amino acids and minerals such as Thiamin, Riboflavin Calcium, Iron and Niacin. The important amino acids present in Ragi are Valine, Threonine, Isoleucine, Methionine and Tryptophan also make a part of ragi’s nutritional profile. The grain is one of the richest sources of natural protein and is beneficial especially for vegetarians who cannot resort to meat. These help your muscles to function smoothly without cramps. Ragi nutrients also maintain your metabolism rate and blood formation in the body. These amino acids are known to fight anxiety, and depression by promoting the release of hormones in a balanced way.

7. Ragi Beats Anaemia

Anaemia is a common problem among children and women more than it affects men. Ragi sprouts are one of the best sources of iron one could find in natural sources. It also contains the appropriate amount of vitamin C one person needs to actively absorb iron into the bloodstream. Supplement tablets for iron usually have side effects such as brain-fog, nausea, weakness and dizziness. As for its natural replacement, the side effects of ragi are none, unless someone is allergic to grains and pulses.

8. Ragi Helps New Mothers to Lactate Better

Lactating mothers will greatly benefit from the calcium, vitamins and amino acids present in ragi; it will help their mammary glands to produce the adequate amount of milk for their babies. The quality of milk they produce will also greatly improve, thereby ensuring that the babies receive all the essential nutrients for their physical and mental growth.

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9. Ragi For Babies

benefits of ragi for babies

Preparing ragi for babies after they are past the lactation phase in the form of loose porridge or feeding them ragi kanji will keep their energy levels up, their cognitive skill development high and their physical health well-balanced.

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10. Ragi Aids Relaxation

Another health benefit of ragi is how it help your body and mind to let go of stress and relax. Tryptophan and the other antioxidants fight the damage that causes an increase in free radicals in the body. Most of our stress is caused due to too many free radicals. Ragi benefits immensely patients of anxiety, depression and insomnia.


Ragi or millet is a very powerful cereal that has been used for ages considering how ragi benefits every nutritional need. It is also recommended as a replacement for gluten intolerant patients since it has no allergic reactions on the human body. We hope that reading this article has given you insight into how healthy natural food products can be. Fitness achieved without resorting to artificial supplements and powders lasts longer and has ano side effects on the health of your organs.

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