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Parents are suddenly hit with the reality that they need to read up some books on ‘Parenting’ only once their little ones start talking. Till then it is just about feeding schedules, sleeping schedules, cleaning turns, baby clothes and bright toys.

Parenting is more than just being nice to your kids and buying them material things. You are building up an entire person and the values that you give them will stay with them forever. It is very important to answer their questions without evading them and at the same time asking them to wait a little while before certain questions are answered.

Here are 10 tips on parenting:

1. Quality Time

These days, most couples are busy and usually have a babysitter to look after their children. While it is understandable that you cannot spend a lot of time with your kids, make sure that you give them time whenever you are free and make an effort to connect with them. Focus your entire mind and soul on them when you are spending time with them, don’t just do it for the sake of it.


2. Control your emotions

At times, you can be agitated due to certain issues and might take out your anger on your children who are at no fault. Control your temptation to burst out on your loved ones and instead find some other stress buster if you need an outlet that bad.

3. Set Limits

Children can be stubborn and annoying at times. Set some ground rules to get started with and let them know about the consequences if they disobey. While you expect your kids to follow rules, you need to follow some of them yourself, to set an example.

4. Do not evade them

We think that we are smarter than our kids and can hence evade a conversation or shut it down altogether. Kids can very well notice when they are being shut down or evaded. This will prevent them from asking questions in the future, and they will start relying on other sources to find out the answers that they need.

5. Tell them that it is okay to cry

This is one parenting tip that probably no parenting book will ever give you. We chastise our kids and make them believe that crying is a thing that only losers do. This is a misconception that the society has made us believe. Instead, teach them to manage their emotions and let out their feelings by sharing it with you.

6. Laugh

Parenting is not all about being an adult and following pro parenting tips. It is also about being child-like in order to laugh with your little ones and make them happy.

7. I am the parent

More often than not, parents impose their authority on their little ones and hence pose some restrictions. Try to maintain an open relationship with your children and accept your mistakes when you are in the wrong.


8. Words not whip

Children in their growth years get irritated by the littlest of things and tend to lash out and throw tantrums. Usually, this is due to some external factor and not you. Talk to them to find out the reason instead of using coercion.

9. Let them play

How would you feel if you were interrupted while doing your favourite thing? You would get angry, would you not? Same follows when you interrupt your children when they are playing.

10. Self-knowledge and self-discipline

Don’t be a helicopter parent. Let your children learn things on their own as they go. Also, induce self-discipline in them.

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