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10 Bizarre Facts You Might Actually Mistake For Lies

The world is full of interesting and unique things. And no matter how hard someone tries, knowing everything about all the things around us and in the world is just not possible. But still, the internet has improved our understanding of the world significantly and you are able to figure out things a bit more easily. But some things are so bizarre that our brain just categorizes them as complete and utter lies. Yet, the truth has this annoying habit of coming out. And so, to give you a sense of the weird, we would like to tell you about 15 such things that you will find both interesting and absurd.

1. The human skull

Research has found that our skull actually restricts our brain development. Apparently, due to an evolutionary anomaly, the skull didn’t evolve at the same rate as the human brain.

2. The IIT mystery

Believe it or not, the IITs were originally planned as a cover for India’s first intelligence agency. Whether they are still functioning as one or not is a mystery but maybe this explains why IIT entrances are so tough.

3. Beginnings of Olympics

Olympics were originally a ‘swayamvar’ event in which 5 kings competed for the hand of a Greek princess. No wonder the Olympics symbol is 5 rings.

4. Unravelling the brackets

Ever wondered how brackets came into existence? Well, we have the answer for you. Brackets were invented to denote the hand gesture you make when you are whispering in someone’s ear.

5. Train hypnosis

The rhythmic sound and movement of the train can actually hypnotise some people. So, the next time you suddenly feel too sleepy in a train and your head feels heavy, take care you are in a safe space.

6. The park slides

Remember those slides you used to slip down on in the parks? Well, they have a rather interesting history. Historians have discovered that park slides were invented by the Spanish Inquisition to remind children how a small slip can push them down to hell.

7. Bunk beds invention

Bunk beds were invented by couples with children who wanted to have sex and so needed their own space. This happened at a time when there was no apparent concept of a ‘bedroom’.

8. Plug pins

The shape of the plug pins in different countries is round or flat depending on the fact whether the countries were loyal to the Britishers or not. Maybe the British are still categorizing us into different categories.

9. Recruiting the Dabbawalas

One of the most prominent intelligence agencies of India, RAW, tried to recruit the Dabbawalas in Mumbai because of their sheer network. For public eye, it didn’t work out but these facts have a way of disappearing.

10. Fastest cricket bowlers

The fastest bowlers in the world belong to the Sentinelese people of the Andamans. But since they don’t exactly interact with the outside world, their people can’t play in the matches.

So, after reading all these things does it seem that you have read something out of the Book of Lies? Well, that’s because they actually are just bizarre lies. Happy April Fool’s Day to you all!!

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