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10 BEST Baby Names for Girls - June Edition!

Naming your baby is a very special act, as it gives them their identity, which you are a big part of. Parents often don’t know what to name their little ones and it can be really hard to settle on a name. The struggle is real!

June is here and your due date may be near, but if you still haven’t found the perfect name for your little one, it’s okay. We have a list of names for baby boys as well as a list of baby girl names to help you make your choice.

1. Krina

Short and simple, this name literally translates to ‘beautiful.’ Now isn’t that your first thought on seeing your little one?

2. Hita

Hita means ‘one who means good for everyone.’ It attributes the expectations of a good character and personality and is a simple but elegant name.

3. Meadow

This name is a happy, free-spirited tribute to nature. June 5 is World Environment Day, so the name might represent your love for the outdoors, or the bright and happy life you want your little one to live.

4. Amna

In Arabic, “Amna” means safety. It is an uncommon, pretty name, and might represent your desire to keep your little girl safe and happy.

5. Ila

This name is super short, but has deep meaning. ‘Ila’ means ‘earth’, and it could connect to the earth that Sita was born from, or the link between humans and nature, which is truly beautiful.

6. Kira

Kira is a more feminine take on the name ‘Kiran’, which translates to a ‘beam of light.’ It represents the light your baby brings into your life.

7. Sana(h)

Sana or Sanah is a cute, simple name for a baby girl, borrowed from the Arabic language. It means ‘praiseworthy.’ The word is now also present in the Hindi language, and it could mean ‘radiance.’

8. Shirin

A common name among Parsis, Shirin is a Persian word that means ‘sweet’ or ‘charming.’ After all, isn’t your baby’s charm winning hearts right now?

9. Anahata

In Sanskrit, Anahata means ‘unbeaten.’ It could be a statement to the strong, brave girl you are trying to raise.

10. Luana

The origin of this delicate name is German, and it translates to ‘graceful battle maiden.’

So which one of these names do you think will suit your baby girl the most?

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