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10 BEST Baby Names for Boys - June Edition!

Names are the most important part of anyone’s life. A name is not only what people call you as, but also what they will know you for in the future.

Parents tend to get very confused with the large amounts of advice that come there way about baby names. Don’t worry! We have 10 baby names from which you can choose the best for your baby boy. 

1. Amaris

If your due date is near an eclipse then this name is very suitable for your baby boy. Although, Amaris means ‘child of the moon’ - it is a good name for boys nonetheless.

2. Christopher

This name is a simple yet meaningful for baby boys. Christopher famously means ‘the patron saint of travel’.

3. Kairabh

Kairabh is a baby boy name full of meaning and strength. It means ‘born from lotus’.

4. Devin

Devin is a stylish enough name that has a serious meaning i.e. ‘resembling a God/poet’.

5. Gabriel

This is a name that will help give your baby boy some inspiration. Gabriel means ‘the angel through whom God revealed His words to God’s prophets’.

6. Qadr

Qadr is a short baby boy name with more than enough strength. It means ‘power’. This name is also famously known as the powerful night that Angel Gabriel first revealed the first verses.

7. Ekjot

Ekjot is a sweet baby boy name that has a very simple meaning as well i.e. ‘one light’.

8. Yaadbir

This is a name that special baby boys should get. Yaadbir is a beautiful name that means ‘remembered hero’.

9. Abadan

A luck baby boy should be named Abadan. This name means ‘prosperous’.

10. Zubin

Zubin is an apt name for baby boys who are willing to do all the hard work. It means ‘one who's helpful’.

So which one do you think will suite your little baby boy mothers?! 

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