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10 Benefits Of Sabja (Basil Seeds) That You Need To Know

health benefits of sabja

Are you not able to take care of your health in this fast-paced lifestyle? Regular consumption of junk foods and sugary beverages are ruining your health and the excess pollution in the environment is destroying your hair and skin. In this article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about sabja seeds which are extremely nutritious and can fill up the gaps of healthy foods in your diet

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What are Sabja Seeds?

10 Health Benefits of Sabja Seeds

Side Effects of Sabja Seeds

What Are Sabja Seeds?

health benefits of sabja

Sabja seeds, which are famously known as 'falooda seeds' or 'tukmaria seeds’ are the seeds of the sweet basil plant native to India. Because of their high nourishment power, they are widely recommended to every person. Its benefits are not just limited to the physical body but are extended to mental, psychological and digestive health as well.

Below we have mentioned the various health benefits of sabja seeds as well few side effects that it may cause.

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10 Health Benefits of Sabja Seeds

1] Weight Loss

It is widely known that sabja seeds are extremely beneficial in weight loss. Since the seeds are rich in alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), they induce the burning of metabolism in the body and result in weight loss as well. Sabja seeds have high fibre content which keeps you full for a longer period of time and avoids your craving for junk food.

2] Controls Blood Sugar Levels

We can hardly fathom how tough it must be for a diabetic person to be around sweets and mithai. However, scientists claim that sabja seeds can be helpful in treating diabetes type 2 by lowering the sugar level in blood. Just soak one tablespoon of sabja seeds in water every night, mix them in a glass of toned milk and have it for breakfast the next day.

health benefits of sabja

3] Helps in Constipation and Bloating

Sabja or basil seeds are highly recommended in the case of constipation or poor digestion system. Seeds help in the process of detoxification of your body and regulate smooth bowel movements by clearing the inner stomach and digestive system off the waste and toxins. Soak one tablespoon of sabja seeds in warm water and consume them with milk every night for clear and smooth bowel movements.

4] Healthy Skin

Our today’s world is surrounded by so much pollution and dirt. However, sabja seeds can be extremely efficient in healing the affected skin. This can be achieved by a simple method, mix 100ml of coconut oil and one tbsp of sabja seeds and apply it to the affected and cracked skin. The result would be astounding.

5] Healthy Hair

Because of pollution, hair suffers a great deal as well. Dirt and harmful chemicals in the air make your hair rough, dry and dull. Sabja seeds help in restoring the hair’s health and shine as they contain an adequate amount of Vitamin K, iron and protein, nutrients which are necessary for healthy and natural hair. Just one cup of these seeds every day would adequately satisfy your requirement for iron and protein which provides strength to your hair, skin and the whole body.

health benefits of sabja

6] Reduces Body Heat

In the scorching summer heat, sabja seeds can be quite helpful. In India, people usually add them in various refreshing drinks such as nimbu paani, sherbets, roohafza and milkshakes to beat the heat. Basil seeds are considered one of the most efficient coolants as it helps in lowering the body heat in extreme conditions and weathers.

7] Helps in Acidity

In today’s lifestyle, health problems are quite frequent. Out of these health problems, acidity in the stomach is the most common one. People suffering from acidity can consume sabja seeds as it has soothing and relaxing effects on the stomach. Take sabja seeds with a glass of milk every day and you will see instant result. Replace your regular beverages such as cola or coffee with this drink to treat severe stomach burn.

8] Contains High Nutritional Values

From all the crucial benefits mentioned above, it is evident that basil seeds contain extraordinarily high values of nutrition and can be exceptionally advantageous for one’s health and lifestyle. In order to elaborate on this, you are informed that basil seeds have numerous phytochemicals and polyphenolic flavonoids such as Orientin, vicenin, and different antioxidants. The leaves of basil seeds are rich in various essential oils such as citral, limonene, eugenol, Citronellol, terpineol and many others. It also contains a high level of vitamin A, vitamin K, lutein, zeaxanthin and beta-carotene. Along with this, it also possesses other necessary minerals like calcium, folates, magnesium, potassium, copper and manganese.

benefits of sabja

9] Cause Happiness

In today’s era, life is so much harder for everyone. No wonder that almost everybody is suffering from some kind of mental disorder or illness. However, sabja seeds are not beneficial for the physical body only but only provides relief in case of depression, anxiety, stress, mental fatigue, migraines etc. Adding basil seeds in your diet can have a magical effect on your entire lifestyle.

10] Helps in Maintaining Bone Health

With such a high level of nutritional values, sabja seeds also provide aids in maintaining one’s bone health. Arthritis is very common disease which leads to the swelling of joints and causes inflammation in joints. iron, potassium, copper, calcium, manganese, and magnesium and many other nutrients present in basil seeds help in improving bone mineral density. Proper consumption of sabja seeds can also help in the prevention of osteoporosis. With healthy bones and joints, you will be able to lead a more young and happier life.

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Side Effects of Sabja Seeds

health benefits of sabja

Harmful During Pregnancy

It is advisable not to consume sabja seeds during pregnancy. These seeds have a potential impact on hormone levels in the body. Basil seeds can reduce the level of estrogen in the female body which can stimulate menstruation and can cause further complexities for the baby.

Risk Of Choking

Basil seeds should not be consumed by elderly people and children as they carry a huge risk of getting choked. Due to the water content in seeds, there might be an improper ratio of liquid to seeds can result in a large gelatinous clump that can potentially be difficult to swallow.

Can Be Harmful Along With Other Medications

If you are on any medications, it is highly advised not to consume sabja seeds without your doctor’s approval. Until and unless your practitioner gives a green signal on this, consuming basil seeds can turn out to be quite dangerous.

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