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10 Amazing Uses Of Black Tea For Skin And Hair Care

Amazing news for all you tea lovers! Your cup of black tea is filled with good health. The amazing benefits of tea for your glowing skin and lustrous hair will make you spellbound. From improving the health of your heart to preventing cancer and kidney ailments, from controlling blood sugar levels to treating asthma, there are many health benefits of black tea. It also works as an anti-ageing agent, reducing wrinkles and dark spots. So you must be excited to know more about the many benefits and uses of black tea for skin and hair. Let’s dive in -

Table Of Content:

• What Is Black Tea And Its Origin?

• What Are The Nutritional Facts Of Black Tea?

• Black Tea- Is It Healthy?

• Black Tea For Skin Care

• Black Tea For Hair Care

• Side Effects Of Black Tea


What Is Black Tea And Its Origin?

Black tea is produced by the leaf of plant Camellia sinensis and Camellia assamica. The tea leaves are dried to remove maximum moisture from them. The leaves are then rolled manually or by machines and are exposed to high temperature. It is then sorted according to their size. The name ‘black tea’ is because of its colour. Though it is more of orange or dark red in colour. Therefore the Chinese refer to it as red tea or ‘’hong cha’’.

Black tea has its roots in China. In 1590, during the reign of the Ming Dynasty, the Chinese preferred drinking only oolong or green tea. There are many stories as to the origin of black tea. The most popular of them is that of Chinese soldiers. An army passing through Fujian Province took refuge in a tea factory. The tea leaves dried out in sun. So when the army left, the factory started its production. But there was a change in the colour of tea. It was red or black and tasted better. This was how the first black tea popularly known as Lapsang Souchong meaning high mountains with small leaves of tea tree was made.

Dutch and British traders made the name ‘black tea’ famous. In the 16th century, the Dutch brought black tea to Europe. In 1658 it made its way to England. As it became popular beverage the British started growing it in the hills of Darjeeling and Assam.

What Are The Nutritional Facts Of Black Tea?

Black tea is a rich source of antioxidants. That is polyphenols and tannins. Polyphenol neutralizes free radicals promoting longevity. The dark colour is due to the presence of tannins found in grape juice, apple juice and wines. It improves blood circulation in the brain, protects you from the harmful effects of the environment and fights bacteria in the body.

It contains essential vitamins like B2, vitamin C and E. It contains minerals like zinc, magnesium, potassium and essential oils like tannin and polyphenols. It also contains theaflavins.

Black Tea - Is It Healthy?

Yes, it is your cup of good health. There are innumerable benefits of black tea. But before that, black tea should be consumed for maximum benefit without any additives like milk or sugar. Though adding lemon improves the vitamin C content.

• Improves Heart Health - Black tea makes oxygen readily available to various cells and organs of your body. This is done by pumping oxygenated blood and removing carbon dioxide from cells and organs. So it helps the heart to remain healthy. Drinking an average of 3 cups black tea reduces coronary diseases.

• Promotes Oral Health - Black tea protects your teeth from tooth decay, cavities and dental plaque. The fluoride present in black tea prevents dental caries. The antioxidants and antibacterial properties of black tea prevent staphylococcus infection and oral leukoplakia in patients.

• Removes Free Radicals - Due to pollution, smoking or metabolism some free oxygen radicals are produced. These free oxygen radicals are harmful to your body. The function of antioxidant in black tea is to remove these unwanted radicals. So it helps in removing these toxic radicals.

• Helps In Weight Loss - Black tea, just like green tea helps you achieve your ideal body weight. Obesity is the main cause of many ailments like high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes etc. Black tea reduces visceral fat. Reducing inflammation of genes does this. As prolonged inflammation in your body can lead to obesity. So drinking black tea prevents inflammation related obesity. Plus, it lowers the triglyceride levels.

• Lowers Cholesterol Levels - The low-density lipoproteins (LDL) or bad cholesterol leads to the building of plaque in the walls of the artery. This limits the flow of blood causing stroke, heart attack. Research has shown that black tea reduces 11.1% LDL cholesterol.

• Strengthens The Bones - The strength of your bone or density starts declining with age. Scientists have found that this can be restored to some extent by drinking black tea. Black tea can be a substitute for calcium. It reduces the risk of fracture in aged due to osteoporosis.

• Improves Immunity - Black tea is rich in antioxidants. It removes free oxygen radicals. The oxygen radicals have a tendency to join with DNA and prevent normal cell function. This led to inflammation and can result in stress for your body. Black tea removes oxygen radical and helps in normal cell function. Thereby, boosting your immunity.

Black Tea For Skin Care:

Black tea helps in maintaining your skin healthy. The polyphenols and tannins in black tea do this. It helps in rejuvenating your skin cells. It fights against infection, cures blemishes and puffiness as well as delays ageing of the skin. Some of its benefits are:

• Black tea for skin cancer: As it is rich in antioxidants black tea is beneficial for skin cancer.

• Black tea for skin infection: The main reason for skin infection is microbes’ colonization. The flavonoids and catechins in black tea prevent these infections. Apart from taking your medicines, if you inculcate the habit of drinking black tea it speeds up healing.

• Black tea for premature ageing of skin: The polyphenols and antioxidants protects your skin from wrinkles and premature ageing. Black tea is more effective as an anti-wrinkle agent than other tea.

• A shield from UV radiation: Ultraviolet radiation is a major cause of skin cancer, pigmentation and other skin problems. Scientists have found drinking black tea relieves skin problems and protects it from UV exposure. It can also be topically applied to soothe the skin apart from drinking black tea.

• Black tea for skin blemishes: Black tea with its antioxidant properties removes toxins causing blemishes. You can use black tea facemask on your face or drink black tea to get the required results.

• Reduce under-eye puffiness: The under-eye puffiness makes you look tired and invites premature wrinkles. Using black tea face pack or dipping cotton in cold black tea and keeping for 20 minutes under the eye every day is recommended. This reduces the puffiness.

Black Tea For Hair Care:

Black tea with its rich nutritional content improves your hair. It promotes hair growth, gives natural shine and colour to hair.

• Black tea for hair growth - Applying black tea at room temperature on your scalp and along the length of your hair promotes hair growth.

• Black tea for hair fall - Black tea is rich in antioxidant that reduces stress. A leading reason besides nutrition for hair loss in women. So drink your cup of black tea for preventing hair fall.

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• Black tea for hair shine and lustre - Black tea can provide lustre to your lifeless hair. Once you wash your hair with mild shampoo, use the liquor of black tea at room temperature for the final rinse. Apply it for a few weeks and you will observe soft and shiny hair.

• Black tea for hair dyeing - Black tea is the best natural dye for hair cause of its black and red hue. To use black tea for hair dyeing, simply add black tea (without sugar) with Henna or Mehendi or rinse your hair with cold black tea after shampoo.

Side Effects Of Black Tea:

Black tea is excellent for your health. But drinking more than 3-4 cups can give negative results. Some of them are:

• Anxiety- Black tea stimulates the nervous system. So excessive black tea causes faster breathing, insomnia, restlessness and anxiety.

• Diarrhoea- As caffeine present in black tea is digestive stimulator. So excess drinking can lead to diarrhoea.

• Frequent Urination- Caffeine present in black tea can make bladder hyperactive. This can make you feel to use the washroom frequently.

• Glaucoma- Caffeine in black tea increases the pressure inside the eye. This condition occurs within 30 minutes and remains for 90 minutes after drinking black tea.

• Seizure- Black tea has a high content of caffeine. Drinking excess cause seizure and may even decrease the effect of medicines preventing seizure.

To conclude, black tea is a bundle of benefits for your body. But you should know its limit.

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