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This blog was originally written by Arpana Vidushi. To view more of her work, click here.

All Grandmothers are special but my Granny had a super-speciality, a unique talent of distributing goodies among close to a score of her grandchildren in such a way that each one of us felt that he or she got the best or most of it! It was simply awesome growing up in that humongous joint family with Granny as the head chef and the chief dietician!

Long before we heard of Popeye, Granny had introduced us to the merits of spinach and other leafy vegetables as a superfood. And she always had those little magic tricks which made eating healthy a fun - a dash of salt and chilli powder on the guava, a squeeze of lemon on the freshly cut papaya and the best of all the one finishing the fruit or veggies first gets to accompany her to the local village market in the evening and that was nothing short of being invited by Santa himself to the North Pole to collect the Christmas present in person!

Now being a mother myself, I seriously wish I had some of those magic up my sleeve for one of my biggest everyday challenges lies in making sure my two and half year old son gets the right nutrition and eats his fruits and veggies. But children being children have ways of their own. Someday Minions' banana song can inspire them into eating half a dozen bananas and then for days no amount of coaxing or cajoling can make them fancy another bite of the fruit. Thankfully my being a food enthusiast and photographer comes handy at times in making healthy food more attractive. For instance, a puppy made out of orange slices makes it more appealing than chocolates, a crab made out of apple wedges makes it more interesting than fries.

But then there is that every day’s maddening schedule, office, household work, shopping and before one realises 24 hours become too less in a day for one to devise a new cunning plan every time for making fruits and vegetables attractive enough. And over the shelf fruit juices and ready to eat fruit products have more often than not those added sugar and preservatives. Was a pleasant surprise to find a leading beverage brand come up with a novel solution with a range of fruit juices without any added sugar or preservative! Three cheers to Tropicana for this wonderful range of healthy fruit juices!

So folks the best as mothers we can do for our growing kids is to encourage them in eating lots and lots of fruits and vegetables and all it takes is a little bit of effort and love in making healthy food really fun. And there is always this second best option of reaching out for the real fruit juice range from Tropicana.

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