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5 Things About Dish Wash Scrubber That You Didn't Know!!

A scrubber is a basic kitchen necessity in every household. It is a quintessential little thing which helps us clean dirty dishes. When you’re done eating food, you tend to put all the dirty dishes in the sink. What you don’t realize is how infested the sink can be and how contaminated the kitchen scrubber could be! Researches show that cleaning with water will only clear up 60% of the bacteria. Hence experts advise against using them to clean utensils.

Here are a few facts about your dish wash scrubber you didn’t know:

1. Researches show that bacteria on unwashed utensils in Kitchen sink grows by 700% in 19 minutes. Imagine what will happen if a  scrubber is used to clean such utensils. It will worsen the hygiene of your kitchen.

2. Did you know that a scrubber can have more bacteria than a toilet seat?

Researches show that since scrubber is directly in contact with residual food particles on unwashed plates it tends to be a breeding ground for bacteria. When quantified, it was learnt that it had more bacteria than a toilet seat.

When such scrubbers come in contact with other utensils it worsens the situation. Hence it is indispensable to use an antibacterial dishwashing scrubber so that health of the family is not at stake.

 3. A study has found that there are 1 million bacteria per square inch on a dishcloth and 10 million bacteria per square inch on a regular kitchen sponge! In fact, the bacteria found on these scrubbers can cause Guillain-Barre Syndrome in which the immune system becomes weak. It takes a toll on the nerves and also causes loss of movement.

4. German researchers have DNA-sequenced 28 samples from 14 sponges. These researchers have even more disturbing facts about kitchen scrub.

The researchers discovered that a small bacteria-dense portion of a sponge (which was as big as one sugar cube) could be a host of 54 billion bacterial cells. This level of bacteria density is generally found only in one other matter- human faeces.

5. So if you were thinking of a remedy to this danger lurking in your kitchen we can suggest a solution to you- Using an antibacterial dishwash scrubber.

Here is everything you should know about Antibacterial Dishwash Scrubber. EXO Bactoscrub is India’s largest brand of a dishwash scrubber. It has bactoguard that prevents bacterial growth and hence reduces malodour by 94.2%. It can be used on all types of utensils. Exo Bactoscrub is made up of nylon fibres that help remove grime easily from the utensil.

Hence we recommend Exo Bactoscrub that is not just superior in cleaning but also protects your loved ones from bacterial attack so that your family is healthy and happy!

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