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5 Reasons To Be Cautious While Using Your Floor Cleaner

Kids are the future. It's a fact and all the parents make sure they keep their loved ones safe. Remember when your lil' one tried to crawl on the floor for the first time - wasn't that a precious moment? Once this starts, their mischief and naughtiness increase. There is no stopping them now. ;)

They go on exploring the home all while crawling on all fours. They play with toys and put them in their mouth too. Do you think the floor cleaners that you use is enough to keep the home safe? Do you know what do these floor cleaners contain?

Let us enlighten you with the shocking truth about how they might harm you.

1. Ammonia:

Most of you wouldn’t know this, but this is one of the major ingredients present in glass and floor cleaners. Ammonia, when used, evaporates quickly and if at all your little one inhales it, it leads to asthma and various respiratory problems. It can also cause eye irritation. You would not want your loved ones to fall sick now, would you?

2. Phosphates:

The floor cleaners you use at your home contains phosphates which when inhaled causes irritation to your lungs. There are studies which show small children getting affected and suffering due to respiratory issues, cleaners are the main cause of this. It also leads to bronchitis, cough, and phlegm.

3. Chlorides:

Chlorine present in the floor cleaners are the major reasons for kids leading to nausea, headache and chest pain. They are used for cleaning water. But they are used in cleaners, might lead to muscle pain and also allergies on the skin,

4. Alkylphenol ethoxylates: 

remember your kids playing all around the home and putting toys in their mouth, the floor cleaner you use to keep your home safe, contains this chemical and interferes with the hormones in the body. On chronic exposure to this, it leads to cancers and birth defects in females.

5. 2-Butoxyethanol:

It's one of the key ingredients in many window cleaners if at all kids or any of your family members are exposed to it, leads to severe liver and kidney damage. It's a very harmful chemical and it might do the task of cleaning the glasses, but it's after effect is a deadly one.

Shocking isn't!! Hearing all these chemicals in your cleaners and effects they have on your family and your lil ones. Don't panic, we have a simple and effective solution for this. We from Tinystep have developed an all-new organic floor cleaner, called Tinystep Floor Cleaner, which not only keeps your family safe but also makes sure to remove all toxins present in your homes. When used it leaves a pleasant after smell and also is pocket-friendly too.I don't think we have to say anything else. Sounds like a win-win situation right? It’s time for you to change your cleaner and try out ours.

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