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10 Tips For You to Buy The BEST Baby Carrier For Your Child

Baby Carrier Tips

The process of babywearing is a life savior for parents who wish to multi-task. While getting a whole lot of things done (like chores, shopping, walking, etc) - babywearing lets you know you can have your little one near you - safe and sound. 

Babywearing allows for your baby to get good relaxation and sleep, while taking care of problems like fussiness and colic. It also helps in lowering the risks for postpartum depression. In the end, babywearing is an ingenious way to get work done while having a close bond with your little one.

Yet, to have the ultimate babywearing experience, you need to make sure that you have all the information about babywearing at hand. So, below are the 10 tips for you to buy the BEST baby carrier for your child:

1. Get Your Budgeting Organised.

Parenting a new baby can be expensive sometimes. So, you need to make sure you know what resources can be used where. In the case of a new baby carrier, if you strongly feel that you need to save - do not panic. There are many other options for buying new baby carriers. Today, various outlets sell second hand baby carriers that are equally good in quality and safety.

Getting baby carriers passed down from people you trust is also not at all a bad option.

- if the baby carrier is sturdy, and

- still can be used for another year while you save up for a new one - passing down baby carriers seem very good for budgeting.

That way you can be baby carriers passers to others you know may need new affordable baby carriers!

2. Know Your Baby Carrier Types

You, your baby and the new baby carrier have to be the perfect match . So, which baby carrier fits your needs is the one that you must look out for.

There are two broad categories for baby carriers:

Front Baby Carrier

- front baby carriers. These are a common baby carrier category. It is a baby carrier that keeps your little one close to your chest, securely. Many studies say that front baby carriers are useful if your baby has reflux. Sometimes this baby carrier helps when your baby must be kept upright after eating or just really doesn’t want to get down.

Back Baby Carrier

- back baby carriers. Back baby carriers are best for ‘extended’ carrying as the size flexibility is easier. Yet, you must make sure that your baby is able to sit upright first. Also, you should have some help ready as these baby carriers can be hard to manoeuvre.

Further, baby carriers are also divided as per their features and functions:

- Wrap slings. This type of baby carrier is a woven or stretchy material that wraps and ties around the body.

- Pouch slings. This type of baby carrier is a material with sewn together ends. It is folded to form a pocket, either in the front or back. This baby carrier goes over one shoulder.

- Ring slings. This baby carrier is a material that threads into two rings like a loop. It is a kind of baby carrier that goes over one shoulder. The sing is kept together by putting the fabric into rings again.

- Soft/buckle baby carriers. This is the most famous type of baby carrier. This baby carrier provides you with several options of carrying your little in different positions.

- Baby backpack carriers. This baby carrier is either framed or unframed. It has a rucksack looking style.

- Hip seat-type carrier. You can easily carry your child on your hip.

3. Breastfeeding

If you are still at the nursing stage, this should be a factor that you should like while choosing a new baby carrier. The baby carrier should allow for easy and flexible nursing. Also, if required, baby carriers should be easy for you to not feel embarrassed while feeding your little one in public.

4. Weight and Age of Your Little One

Baby Carrier Tips

Many doctors say that baby carriers are suitable for lighter babies. Thus, how much your little one weighs and how old they are plays an important role. While you might feel the need to keep your baby safe - you both can be really uncomfortable if the carrier is either the wrong fit or not needed anymore.

Many moms feel that they can invest in adjustable, soft structured or hip carriers - but it is best to wean off the carrier. The time to do this is usually after both your tolerance levels have passed. Further, if the carrying is alright for older ages - make sure you chose a sturdy and flexible baby carriers for long lasting use.

5. Problems with Pain in Your Body

Many a times you might experience pain in your back, neck or shoulders. Thus, it is a must that you are careful in deciding your baby carrier. This is because of various reasons like:

- support, flexibility, minimal stress and distribution of your baby's weight. If not chosen and used correctly, baby carriers can aggravate an existing problem.

- lack of sleep. Your baby might have had you up many times or you slept awkwardly so are stiff.

- being achy from an exercise class

6. How long do You wish to babywear?

Even though babywearing can be convenient, it is recommended for only smaller periods of time. This is mainly because you and your baby require sufficient movement and rest.

7. Weather

Comfort factors like temperature and snug fits are important. You wouldn’t want to make your baby feel uncomfortable in a hot and sunny day, right? So, you must try to get the best and comfortable baby carrier for as many situations as possible.

Baby Carrier Tips

8. Dummy Out The Baby Carrier Buying Process!

Many moms use dolls and five kilogram bags of flour or sugar to try out as dummies with the baby carrier of their choice while buying. It might seem puzzling but it is an informed decision for you. Having the best and apt baby carrier is the most important thing for you and the child. Sometimes it is also good if you can try letting you baby experience the carrier as well. Know the correct usage of features as this is another important fact you need to keep a close eye on.

9. Be Brand and Baby Loyal!

You must take all factors into consideration when buying the new baby carrier. This includes material safety, easy use and cleaning. While choosing a familiar brand is important, you must always keep your baby’s needs and your instincts number one on your shopping list.

Baby Carrier Tips

10. Get all the Important Advice

Getting advice about baby carriers is always best from your doctor, people you trust and sometimes professionals at the shop who seem to be reliable. Ensure you ask about correct positions, angles, supports, etc that is best for your little one. Much like getting advice for pregnancy or parenting - make sure the unnecessary warnings do not confuse you!

Buying anything for your little one is a personal choice. You know what is the best for you and your baby. While you might get the best baby carrier option after following these tips - always remember to speak to a trusted individual when in doubt! 

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