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4 Year 6 Months Old Boy
7h ago
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3 Months Old Boy
7h ago
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Few Days Old Boy
16h ago
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Second Trimester
6h ago
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Dear questioner, I’m 22 weeks pregnant🤰feeling exactly the same...although I’m 24 years not so old not so young but still I feel what if after arrival of baby I won’t be able to manage the baby work...I don’t have any one in my husband’s family I have mom dad in my family but near my parents house my relatives are so trouble creators..when I come to my parents house after 2 days on my bday my mom organised Satyanarayan Pooja and invited my both the bua and there daughters and just after the Pooja my badi bua and her daughters one by one all asked me when you’ll go back....I replied to first two questions but when the third question poped I got frustrated and rudely asked my cousin what you all want I should not stay parents are happy for me but I don’t think my relatives are...they come and ask such foolish my another cousin came and asked me....what do you eat that you have miscarriage every time...I just had one miscarriage...his words hurt me Since Evening I’m thinking that I can’t stay here for long as my relatives will not let me live peaceably....them how I will manage my baby without any support I have not even once experience baby care..not even spent a day or two with new born I’m worried what if i don’t wake up at night to feed every two hours...what if I failed to give proper massage to my baby The condition my relatives have created at my parents house is forcing me to go back to my home...Although my parents never did anything Wrong but the relatives are hurting me daily.... But if I go back to my place there will be only two of us...although I have maid but no family member I know there’s no point of discussing at this but since evening I’m so worried and frustrated too
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