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Questions on Toddler
1 year 10 months old girl
18 days ago
3 Answers
POTTY TRAINING (From the personal experience) Girls tend to  ditch the diapers sooner than boys.She may start as young as 18 months, or she may not be ready until she's four years old. Most parents start to potty train when their child is between two years and three years.  Potty training can be started by 1 year itself.Each time she wets ask her " susu kiya kya" . He'll understand the word "susu". Teach her to say "susu". By 1 n half yrs they will b able to tell or show signs for peeing n pooing. After 1 and half years maintain an urine chart n find the frequency of urine. Take her to the bathroom n ask her to pass urine either standing or squatting but not sitting on the floor. U can also encourage squatting by holding onto the bucket or a holder for a firm grip. Tell her that she has to pass only in the bathroom. If possible buy a potty chair n tell her it's where she has to pass urine. Tell her its like our commode we use. She'll certainly learn. Toilet seat over the normal commode will be uncomfortable for the babies n might get hurt. Toddlers learn by imitation. So having an open door bathroom policy at home gives your daughter plenty of chances to see how we do. If she has a favourite stuffed toy, try using it for potty demonstrations.  Let her spend some time naked. Put the potty in an accessible place while she plays, and encourage her to sit on it now and then. Potty chairs are of 2 kinds. One is the squatting type. Using this in future they'll learn to use indian type commode. Another one is chair type more like a commode, easy for the first time learners. Initially they'll feel it's another chair. Patience is needed. It might take over a month for them to learn it's use n how to use.. Appreciate the baby on every act, consider it as a big accomplishment. Clap for her every time. Or tell her u might take her to a park.
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