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Third Trimester
6h ago
6 Answers
dear ap faltu ki videos p dhyan n dejey kuch nhi hota inse, hr kisi k pain sahne ki capacity (chhamta) alag alag hoti h koi thodi si chot bhi nhi sah pata aur koi bahot jyada dard m bhi muskurata h.meri bhi normal delivery hue h but m cs chati the kyuki labor pain se dr lagta tha .soch k hi rona suru kr deti the.maine bhi apki tarah hi yha waha se gyan leti the.but aisa kuch nhi hua mujhe 26march Monday ki rat se jb maine ghar ka sara kam nipta leya aur morning ka hubby k lunch wagarah ki thodi prepration kr sone aye to period jaisa pasin feel hua but maine dhyan nhi deya kyuki last k month m baby k neche ane se thoda pain hamesha rahta h to m so gye aur rat k 2 bj pain thoda aur aur badha to m tahal rahi the tb mujhe idea ho gya y labor pain ho sakta h pani nhi ja rha tha to maine kisi ko nhi jagaya subah m sasu maa ko boli ab hospital jana h shayad Jaanu(my baby boy name) ane wala hamare ganv se 20 km door tha.m meri saasu maa mere sasur ji aur hubby sabhi horpital gy aur 12:05 minut p meri normal delivry huye.wo bhi kvl 15 minut k labor pain m. y sab batane ka mera kvl itna asay y intention tha ki ap daro nhi bs mentally prepare raho hr situation k ley baki god p chhod do wo apko himmat denge. meri ek advise h apk ley ki ap daily mrning aur evening m walk karo,butterfly exercise kejey.fruit juice ,veg.juice aur paka hua papaya khao isse labor pain jaldi ayga aur cervix ka muh jaldi open hoga.baki ap jobhi doubt h doctor se bat kr k clear kr lejey.all the best for ur new journey👍
Few Days old boy
6h ago
19 Answers
I can understand ur pain completely dr.. It hurts i know.. U ll get well soon dear.. I got infection in my stitches after twenty days.. Doc removed my stitches immediately , it pained like hell, i shouted and i cried.. Fortunately 70% was healed she said .. She gave tablets and lotions alone.. My cut made my perinium so so tight, it still hurts I was worried a lot that i may also get re stitches .. It is more than three months and it still hurts.. I was about to lose my conscious when i was pushing my baby so my episiotomy cut is lil big.. I get more pain till today when i sit on the floor or while feeding.. From the day i discharged until today I'm the only one tc of me and my daughter with the help of god.. Believe him dear.. Sure u can do it.. But we have to accept it dear.. U will have toooo much pain, as ur baby is on bm u ll get more pain when u feed.. Walking to wash room itself will be a tough work.. Be positive dear.. TAKE REST completely as doc said.. Keep a maid if possible.. Dont strain.. U have ur food and feed baby.. Thats all u shd do.. Already u have gone through a lot and lot of things with this stitching issue, so this time lets hope that it wont happen again.. Use antiseptic lotion after using wash room, and apply ointments gently and regularly.. Pour hot water regularly after using washroom.. If u using pads prefer cotton pads.. Strong pads like whisper ultra etc., are harmful for the stitches.. Dont wear pant.. Use nighties, skirts.. I ll remember u in my prayers dear.. Its really really tough, but god will give u the strength.. Get well soon sissy..
9 Months old girl
11h ago
1 Answer
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