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Questions on Parenting
A Month old boy
4h ago
57 Answers
Hi Don't worry... I had my first pregnancy in USA.. our elders visa got rejected and reached to a point in pregnancy no flight journey.. there is no other option except to handle it alone with hubby. Do not get panic and think that we women cannot do. WE CAN... yes we went to pregnancy and baby classes and learnt all that's necessary.. my husband was able to take only 1 week leave and he had to rush to the office.. it's all alone me who handled new born, feeding, oil massage, baths, bottle cleaning etc etc. My hubbys work started to be more pathetic that he could not help me after coming from office.. my friend helped me in cooking for a month.. after a month my baby born I started cooking. We cannot afford maid in USA. So it's me and hubby who use to do all the work and manage baby. Weekends he use to take care of cleaning house and laundry. It's not something that we cannot handle.. build confidence and do it yourself.. it might be messy but you can do it.. situations will make us impossible also possible. USA household work is easy but India is little difficult.. talk to your husband and keep maid.. so that you can avoid household works completely and focus on baby.. you can do it dear... all the best.. Coming to your mom you should be knowing what's her problem is.. think think. If you think it's financial problem why don't you discuss with your husband and help her?? If it's her health problem why can't you keep a maid in your moms place?? So that work will be less and she can help you just with baby.. there is one more point too.. are you contributing your share of work?? Sorry I have observed my cousins try to not contribute there share and expect everything their mom to do.. at this age they might not be able to do so. Share of work I'm talking about is with baby not household..
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