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Questions on Parenting
2 Months old boy
11h ago
39 Answers
Third Trimester
14h ago
16 Answers
From your statements it doesn't look like your mil is doing anything to trouble you. Regarding the loss of self space- You should be thankful to her that she chose to come and stay with you. May be she is not helping you with the baby day in day out but she is probably taking care of other chores. Regarding getting up at night- sweetheart welcome to mommy world! It was your and your husband's decision to bring a child, then why are you expecting anyone else to be there to handle the rough parts. Moreover your mil has already gone through this stage in her life (maybe multiple times ) is it right to put her through that phase again? NO! Grandparents are there to support you don't take them for caretakers. Be grateful of her participation. It is not mandate to be completely involved may be your mother might behave similarly. Yes as a new mom we crave for relaxation,if Nothing at least a hour long undisturbed sleep acts as boon but project these expectations to your husband and no else. More importantly these trivial issues are not because of your mil it's basically the exhaustion and sleeplessness taking a toll on you. This is what makes us irrational at times. Compose yourself. Keep your thinking clear. Getting irritated by someone means you are giving them power to control you. Do things as per your convenience, politely convey your thoughts to your husband and even mil. If you face any issue don't whine don't complain rather work to resolve it. And yes to a happy self zero down your expectations. You ll feel lighter and lot more happy. Stay blessed.
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