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Mom Diet & Nutrition
Questions on Mom Diet & Nutrition
Few Days old girl
Oct 15
79 Answers
hello dear.. don't be so disappointed.. I m mom of a 7 month old baby and I exclusively breastfeed my baby for 6 months.. but for that I had to fight a lot n under go a lot of stress as my mil n my fil n my neighbor (who didnt bf her baby) kept on pressuring me for giving the baby fm.. according to them I wasn't producing enough my milk.. but I could understand that my baby wasn't crying out of hunger.. then I started doing frequent visits to my babies doctor n whenever I used to visit I kept on asking the doctor that is he getting enough milk or not n his doctor would tell me everything that ur child is absolutely alright n he is doing great with his weight (I mean gaining perfect weight).. but it was too tough for me to convince them.. they were like doctor talks no mil used to say I feed all my kids fm and they were so chubby n my baby is not.. whenever my baby used to cry they were like 'look he is not getting enough milk so he is crying out of hunger' then I started convincing my husband.. I told him everything.. initially he was supporting his parents saying they handled more babies n they will know better.. but I request him to ask his friends, colleagues and who ever he trusts that what is better for a baby bm of fm.. after his research he was convinced that I should continue with bf.. and he asked his parents not to force me in this matter.. n along with all this I used to have foods which r good for increasing bm and I used to drink 6-7 ltr water a day.. that's how I won my battle.. while parenting u ll get plenty obstacles which u ll have to cross with patience n determination.. good luck n be stress free.. stress could be a reason of low milk flow..
1 Year 4 Months old girl
Oct 14
3 Answers
Third Trimester
Oct 14
3 Answers
1 Year 5 Months old girl
Oct 13
76 Answers
A Month old girl
Oct 12
7 Answers
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