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Third Trimester
7h ago
106 Answers
Generally, pregnancy can be confirmed by 45th day from the onset of the previous menstrual date. My cycle was 33 days and I waited 45 days before confirming it... Mine too is an early pregnancy... We'd not even completed 4 months since marraige. Yes it's wise to take time before a baby comes in... But we can still get close after an early pregnancy. My husband and I are proof of the same. We too thought of ending the pregnancy in its early stages bt quickly decided against it.. Because, it's not the kids fault for growing in our belly. We should have been careful. Now that she/he's here, give it a chance... If it's destined to grow along side your developing marital life, it will grow... Don't discard it... After all, later who knows if we may regret the abortion... But surely, we would not regret continuing the pregnancy. Trust me when I tell this, feeling the baby and your tummy grow, fighting against ever increasing dress sizes will bring you more closer... Cherish this pregnancy... Relatives will have a whole load of craps and comments... You do what's right... Don't heed to everything they say.. There are people who end one pregnancy and worry later in that they don't conceive again. The mushroom like burst of fertility clinics stand proof for the same. When you get a kid naturally, why would you want to risk a later conception with unnecessary medical aid and wastage of money, time, effort, self confidence and peace? Think we'll before any decision... Hope you take the right decision and have a happy pregnancy... 😊
5 Months old girl
7h ago
36 Answers
A Month old boy
20h ago
49 Answers
first of all if ur husband is supportive then u must move with him and u can't stay in ur parent's home forever. . u have to be independent and try to manage everything. . at ur home u can hire a nanny or maid who can help u if i dnt have anyone to help u.. because its universal truth that its not ur home now n sometimes people do not tolerate girls if they stay for so long.... its ur mistake that u depend upon them... secondly ur sister is wrong who doesn't even know how to behave with sister and bro-in-law.. it is ur home i know i m contradicting my statement. . but if ur parents r on ur side then no one can speak a word... she is having exams so what?? i had my exams after 40 days of c sec... i wasn't shouting at my family... i took care of myself n my baby.. studied... after 2 months i had classes i used to go to college.. i used to sleep for 2 hrz only... but i managed then why cant she?? my son used to sleep at 4 or 5 am.. n i used to sleep with him n at 7 i used to get up n get ready for college. . but i never spoke badly to anyone. . if she can't help u she must concentrate on her work only. . exams dont give her freedom to misbehave and insult others.... 😠u should just move and stand with ur husband for his respect..... we all had exams. . we are very well educated. . did we all used to shout at our family members??? ask her to behave properly as its needed after her marriage also... otherwise she will face problems there. . n u plz b strong u r a mother and a mother can do anything. .... tc
Third Trimester
Apr 20
1 Answer
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