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9 Months old girl
Jan 13
12 Answers
hii.. after 3 mnths of c section or normal delivery.. maintain the diet you are taking.. just limit sugar and salt intake.. and drink lot and lot of lukewarm water throughout the day.. after 3 mnths start with moderate walks for 30 mins daily for 15 days.. increase pace and time by 10 mins every 15 days after that.. continue 3 more mnths till you reach 6 mnths mark.. by 6 mnths you should be taking brisk walks of 1-1nd half hr everyday.. now lets start the routine.. 1.honey+lime+lukewarm water early morning once you get up.. suryanamaskar half an hr after that 12 repetitions.. -bowl of cornflakes toned milk soaked almonds an apple, poha/boiled eggs-2 in breakfast. by 9 am maximum.. -2-3 walnuts in between -salad include seasonal veggies katori of curd sabzi/daal , 1roti/small katori of rice. in lunch by 1 pm maximum .. - 2-3 raisins with 1 cashew in between.. -tea suji rusk in evening by 5. go for brisk walks for 1-1nd half hr by 6.. -bowl of soup in dinner.. broccoli.. mix veg. tomatoes.. chicken.. mutton paya.. anything you like.. by 9 maximum.. 2.. continue diet everyday.. may include everything in breakfast instead of poha you may include idli.. upma.. veg paratha with pickle.. brown bread sandwich. oats. daliya etc.. 3. also in lunch keep changing seasonal veggies and eat all daals.. may go for rajma too avoid chhola.. chicken fish can be included to for non vegetarians.. just increase quantity of sabzi and daals.. and non veg curries.. but limit carbs as rotis and rice.. have small bowl or 1 in quantity only.. 4. munch on nuts if hungry in between.. try to avoid biscuits and namkeen.. may have kishmish if crave for sweets.. 5. suryanamaskar is very beneficial dont skip that you may face muscular strain early.. but dont worry that will resolve in 2-3 days.. continue dont stop.. 6. have all soups.. if hungry may take roasted brown bread with that.. dont cheat on that.. have heavy breakfast next day.. 7. intermittent fasting is very beneficial which is fasting of 12 hrs+ which includes night sleep too.. after dinner at 9... till 9 in morning will help burn the fat... but have sumptuous healthy breakfast after that.. 8. try to fast for a day.. like i fast on Thursdays and my hubby on Tuesdays.. give up salt for that day.. rely on fruits lassi shikanji and milk on that day.. 9. brisk walks for 1 hr atleast helps immensely plz dont skip that.. - if gained 20 kgs + in preg.. try to reduce atleast 10 kgs with this plan first then may go for abs firming exercises like crunches. -if 10 kgs+ then reduce 5 kgs and may start abs firming exercise for toned tummy.. - drink lot of water anyway.. you will start reducing 1-2 kgs per mnth.. also depends from person to person.. i reduced 1.5 kgs every month.. stay patient and motivated.. keep on going.. resluts will show.. buy weighing machine and weigh every 10th day of mnth.. stay happy and positive.. you will achieve the goal.. also dont exert yourself too much.. if anyway unable to follow stop.. and believe that you are wonderful anyway.. take care ladies and good luck. 😍😍😘😘👍👍
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