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Getting Pregnant
Questions on Getting Pregnant
Few Days old girl
Oct 1
2 Answers
First Trimester
Sep 21
36 Answers
Few Days old girl
Sep 18
52 Answers
hey why are you sounding so depressed. these people either family, relative or society they have only one job to make depress, create every negative thoughts. my baby is on fm from day one. i never had bm inspite of every remedies and lactating tablets and what not but no results at all. people around me create such a scene like baby will be weak, ill all time, not grow proper, might not be average child, anemic blah blah list is too long. but my mom told me motherhood ia not only n only bm its also includes love, care, nurture, cherish, be a part of his innocence and list is very long. let bark the dogs and focus on baby. when baby will do good people have tight slap on their faces. thats what happening. his height, weight, hb everything is growing as per standard mark. one of my relative gifted pram to my son with the statement -" pity child cant even have mother feed. look he will sleep in it till one year atleast very easily as he is not having motherfeed so he will definatly not grow n so on." when my baby was 7 months old his legs can touch the prame boundry. and today he refuse to sleep as he is grown up and not fitted in while sleeping. this is the slap to her. baby who is on bm is also get attracted to other family member as they understane love only. so chill let them say whatever. focis on baby. thankful to god that you are a mother, still you can care, nurture your babies, see them growing. just go and consult doc for it. they dedinetly have some solution for inverted nipples. invest your time, thoghts, energy on right thing. look out for sultion
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