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10 Months Old Girl | Oct 2018

Why there is so much negative thoughts about diapers. Moms, diapers are the best invention i feel to make baby sleep better and to mom too. There is no harm in keeping baby in diapers. My girl is in diapers since day 1, and at times whole day 24*7. She is very active all the day, a happy baby also Even Doc keep their babies in diapers. If u have got sonething to make your life easy why unnecessarily you take stress. At least at night u can use diapers for your baby. Just by keeping proper hygiene, choosing correct brand amd size u can easily do it.

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read few replies before writing..n to all Moms who compare diapers n pads n their inconvenience, let me explain u. (here v all r telling our views, so if they clash, plz ignore)

1) in our periods, v literally flush out our blood n clots of our uterus. which isn't at all comparable with anyone's urine.
that blood was stocked in our uterus for a month n being excreted regularly on a much heavier basis as well.
to soak that blood v use pads.

2) diapers - they r used to absorb n soak simple urine. which can't b ever dirty, sticky, or infectious as our menstrual blood.

3) material-
pads r made up of different material even polythene kind of material inside to absorb heavy flow of blood. that's y v get rashes.even if v r not on periods, v will get rashes if v put on those pads.
I realised this post delivery when my flow used to b very less but I had to put on pad to prevent stains

diapers on the other hand,r made of cotton n not irritating to skin at all (if u r using good quality).
it's true that some babies cud tend to have allergy from a specific brand, but thats An individual's skin reaction,not to everyone.
many Moms find pAmpers good or even best n some r satisfied with huggies for example

4) hygiene -
it's always said to follow proper hygiene when u r often using diaper for baby. some diaper free time must b there so as to let the baby's skin breathe.
-it must b changed after every poop. n it's same even wn baby doesn't have diaper. u cant leave baby unwashed for long if he has pooped in any bottomwear .

5) Diapers r still luxury in India. or v Indians just don't feel their worth as they r to b thrown.
this discussion is only helpful for those who can afford it happily. Odrwise v all had our diaper free time in childhood.
I have a funny example.
my SIL,who is rich Enuf to buy 12 jeans to her daughter for one year n what not, all MAC cosmetics even wn she does blunders with it n she knows that too, spends lacs on cloth shopping before going on a trip:
thinks diapers r sheer waste. throw hi to Krna hota h. n she even used diaper again after giving it a sunbath (😂 thinking that urine will evaporate that way n can b reused)

with time, v have the advantage of diapers. but it's never a compulsion.
neither to accept nor to reject.

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hehe Meenakshi, I have 100s of such stories 😂 they used to b entertainment. n it's not just difficult, its impossible to make them understand

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