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Second Trimester | Aug 14

Why marriage is compulsory? I'm happy with my husband, but I don't like my sil and mil. They both are so egoistic.Whenever sil comes she give order make this, that but doesn't help at all.Even after finishing my work when I sat my mil bring sil's baby to me to take care.she told her daughter to go and play with me.I hate all this. I can understand she came in her mother's place to take rest ,but why don't she realize I'm also human i also get tired. After finishing everything i need to take care of her children's so she will watch TV. My sil &mil talk about me in my back that also for no reason. Sometimes I get bored of chapati for breakfast so I ate biscuits so my mil complaining & my sil also doesn't like chapati so my mil make different dishes.Than why she say my dad doesn't teach me . My sil lives in same city so she and her kids come to our house most of the time I hate living with them. I just want to live with my hubby, but my hubby will never live separately. 😓

5 Answers
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