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1 Year Old Girl | Oct 19

What is happening to our society? I have always been very open minded, I had love marriage and after having baby my in-laws are spending more time with us staying over for months. Why the society is so gender biased. A man get to do everything but women is restricted with what she wears? How she behaves? How a sindoor and bindi can make your husbands life longer and if it really does what about our life?Why men do not put Bindi and sindoor for our long life? Why only if we dress in sari or salwar kameez we are respecting elders and if not then it’s disrespect, and in the other hand men can wear whatever they want. I want to make all the women aware pls do not let anyone dominate you, we should be not be creating this gender biased environment for our next generation. P.s I love our culture and have respect to all the rituals we do for our husbands but our in-laws have this dominating nature and push us hard to follow this- I have a problem with this. Noone should dominate you.

8 Answers
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