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6 Months Old Boy | Feb 8

Today i want to share something about my MIL.. I started doing cooking after 12 days of my c sec... I'm taking care of my baby from 3rd day.. I gave him bath from the day doctor permitted... My MIL came before one day of c sec but she made my life hell.. She started saying bad words to me from the day of baby born.. Dr. Said after 3days milk comes bcoz c sec but my MIL started tonting me and she said continue sit without support of pillow and try to make your baby feed... She did my life spoil.. She went back after some days but she stopped doing anything for me after 10 days... Till now when i remember those days i get angry nd cry alot ..I Don know how to forget those days.. With my story i just want to convey the msz to all those ladies who are similar as me... Don't ever give your MIL this much right that she made your life worse..

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