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6 Months Old Girl | Apr 16

To all the Mommies or would be moms, I have been on this app for more than a year now (spent my pregnancy months and have been after delivery) Met many new Mommies here, a few became very good friends,from some I parted away as did not match the frequency.But with a one had argument which lead to fight to very extreme level that she even targeted my new born daughter ! All this was okay til it was one-on-one! But recently she approached my family/in-laws by posting on their social media wall...and hence created ruckus at my place. Hopefully she must be at peace now !! Note - Hence sharing 2points with members (espl new ones) 1) even if you find someone here and you feel u bonded very well pls don't share your personal life situations or details. 2) And those who are no longer friends with someone, respect the secrets they shared with you. It is called Integrity.. What you do to harm others intentionally will reflect soon in your kids behaviour & believe it or not Karma returns!

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