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7 Months Old Girl | May 16

Plz suggest me some good idea friends. I m married for four years. I think My MIL loves me. But she is very short tempered. She leaves food for any arguments and doesn't talk to anybody. She is a woman with ocd(obsessive compulsive disorder). She spend 6-7hrs in a day washing her hands and legs. She says like everything is orts, the floor is orts, clean the floor more and more time. She does not allow me to make food in fear if I make anything orts in kitchen. She makes food for family, do household work. She spend 4hrs in kitchen for making lunch only. I m adjusting with all this thinking that she loves me n my baby. Yesterday while baby taking medicine some entered in her eye and we(me n my hubby) going to wash basin to make her eye clean but MIL said look at the orts the floor is not clean and my hubby got angry. He said "leave with ur ocd my baby is my first priority etc etc. " Nw frm that time my mil doesn't talk leaves her dinner. Nw i just fade up. Plz console me with ur words.

7 Answers
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