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4 Months Old Girl | Mar 24

Pls reply moms.. What if u have only one child?? Will there be any impact on baby who is born and brought up as a only child to the parents?? I'd love second baby, as i know its importance. My sibling is there for me in each and everything. I cant imagine my life without my sis. She used to give lots of advices. I always feel like she is my second mom (my mom is no more). The thing is that, my hubby is not interested in second child as we have gone through a lot after delivery no one is by my side. No support from in laws. During delivery time my sis helped a lot. So my hubby doesn't want another child and he also thinks that it will become a trouble taking care if two at a time. What is ur view mommies. Am just worried about my child. Wil she be alone?? But my niece loves her a lot. I believe their love will continue in future. But sis lives far from here. Reply moms. Will my baby grow up like a selfish kid?? Or will she feel lonely??

10 Answers
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