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11 Months Old Girl | Nov 13

Perhaps my last question here I have 3 daughters, one toddler and twins My husband has been supporting me in family battles of giving away one of our daughter to others, specially to his sis. He is just hvng one concern in his mind that even wn v have 3,we will b empty once our daughters will b married. I know v all think,k tab tak kya bharosa kesa time hoga or ladke kon sa abhi b sath rehte h. Even i dont think of it Problem is, v r hvng arguments every single day har baat pe He complains of getting no time for himself n all. Always frustrated over everything.if i tc of him, he says i dont need to n just b there for kids. Wn i dont, then he starts complaining. Nowadays i give meals to all 3of them bcz my mil isnt giving proper meal to my daughter n she lost her weight I m trying to do wtever i can n think that nobody else b in pain bcz of kids. Even though i m d one who wasnt willing for thwse twins n these people were adamant to continue twin pregnancy Continued in comment

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