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9 Months Old Boy | Dec 2015

My son is 10 months old. Since 3-4 days his stool is little watery, pale yellow almost whitish and smelly, passes 3_4 times. I am feeling he is having pain or discomfort in stomach as struggles a lot while breast feeding. Not at all eating any type of solids. Sleep is also disturbed .Very cranky at times. Otherwise he is active and playful. Please suggest what to do. Should I give any medicine for stool and stomach ache?

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Off course it's because of teething. While teething they feel their tooth hard and feel like biting something. Likewise while biting some toys some tiny particle would be got into their stomach causing this infection. If you are not used with yogurt jus start with one spoon. This is the age where you should introduce a variety of food to your kid. Clean her toys often. Don't give bonnisan in regular basis. Give it when your kid cries without any reason and you feel if she is having digestion prob.

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