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12 Months Old Boy | Nov 9

Moms please tell am I mentally retarted or sick?1) I hate my mil to that extent that can’t see my husband and mil together..if he normally talks to her I get very angry2) My thoughts are my husband only loves his mother more than anything else not me not my baby3)I start hating my husband from that moment when he speaks a little about my mil in our conversation4) I don’t want my mil to get involved and live alone with hubby and baby5) she is snatching my husband and they (my mil and husband) don’t want to loose their love for each per him if his home breaks then it’s fine 6) our fights goes to that level that we forget that we are husband wife and beats,says those words that you don’t want to hear7)she is reaching to his heart and I am falling down 8)my anger has reached to that level that I am absolutely ok with divorce and not seeing my baby face my in-laws and husband says i am mentally sick please advise as I can’t afford dr consultation due to financial crunch

8 Answers
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