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1 Year 4 Months Old Girl | Nov 10

Just want to share for news moms who complained here that their child don't recognize them.. I hd same issue when my daughter ws 4 month to 12 month old.. She always want outside with her grandparents or someone else... She prefer her dadi on me... She always gv smile to see her dadi.. As a mom Sometimes it's hurts me bcz I want more attention... Now time hs change.. She's 1 year 5 month old mashaAllah nd she want MUMMA all time.... Whole day she wants only mumma... No papa no dadi no dada..... Only mumma... Sometimes it's irritating for me bcz their are a lot of House hold chores for me... So it's not possible for me to available whole day only for I m trying to manage.. Diverting her i want to say... Have patience moms, don't be sad Or disappointed.... No one can replace mother's love ... One day will come when your baby wants you... Only you.... Till then, let them enjoy with other members ❤❤❤❤

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