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Third Trimester | Mar 2019

DEPRESSION AND FEAR OF DYING.... I'm currently at 32 weeks. Already took leave from office... My husband goes to office, I stay alone all day and am becoming depressed gradually... my back and leg pain worsens, I'm feeling tired allday, ... no outing, no entertainment with this inflexibility.. .. just can't tolerate this awaiting phase, don't know when my baby would be out! I am feeling so sad and worried thinking about my delivery, tension affecting me so much... my sixth sense is saying perhaps I would die in ot... what to do? How many days are left!! I would do c section...but for that how many days!! It's so irritating and endless journey!!

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Cool yar.. you are stressing yourself and your baby also. Even I felt the same during your phase. Especially in the 9 month, it feels like hell waiting for the baby. I will tell you what I did.
You need to remove all the negative thoughts from your mind. Occupy your self with some or the other hobby. Do prenatal yoga, google it and you can find many videos.
Think about the baby. How she/he may look?? How you need to handle baby?? How to bathe your baby?? What are the things required to buy for your baby?? Go through some YouTube videos regarding baby care.
For entertainment purpose you can watch movies. Subscribe to Netflix, Amazon prime and YouTube. Go out for a walk in the morning and evening. Check if there is any park nearby your house. During evening in parks, you can find some pregnant ladies walking. Talk with them. Share your thoughts, experiences and feelings. Socialize with people online and offline. Chit chat with your friends.
Talk to your husband. Spend time with together. Go for short outings whenever possible.
Take care of your health. Whenever you feel low, tired or having pains, don't stay at a single place and time pass. Move around in the house, or else you will feel more lazy.
Now you want the baby to come out fast to end this pregnancy time. But once the baby comes, you can't find time for yourself. You can't go out and many more. At one point after delivery, you will miss your pregnancy phase. You need to pass through everything to get your bundle of joy.
Be calm and stay positive.
Enjoy every phase of life. Those moments never gonna come back again. 🙂😀

Ps: Sorry for the long answer. I just wrote my feelings after reading your question. I didn't realise that I ended up writing a biiiig answer after typing everything 😅
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