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Third Trimester | Jan 2018

If anyone don't mind I am sharing my personal problem.I have a daughter of 10 days via C-section.I got married in Jan was a love marriage from starting I am facing so many problems related to my in-laws my husband never supports me.Now my daughter is born she is not healthy and her skin color is dull my husband refused to take her or help me whn I need it.He always try to prove his family that he has not changed after marriage or will not change after baby.. His sister always comments on me. And praise other he always shouts at me to prove that his priority is his family.If I asked about sinitizer he said don't be oversmart and when his sister asked abt it he bought it.Like I am educated enough to take care of me and my baby.But he always treats me like an uneducated one. His sister staying with us to help me.She only gives bath to my baby not helping me. Even when ever giving me food she makes wakes up at night and she never helps me and shows like she did evrythng

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