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9 Months Old Girl | Sep 2017

I m not a gud mom... My baby fell from bed in front of eyes Nd I couldn't do anything... We were just playing Nd tht too I was standing just one hand distance Nd couldn't do anything... Everythng hppnd in fraction of a second... I m not a gud mom.. proved today... Feeling guilty.. she cried so high.. Nd got a bump also on forehead.. now she's sleeping peacefully.. I massaged her forehead, hands, Nd legs.. initially she cried.. later on she is not cryng while massaging.. hopefully she s fne.. wht should I do??... Please help.. my baby is 10 month old

13 Answers
Some very helpful tips and procedures which I am sharing below: -

1. When to panic-

This is by far the most important tip I was given by a fellow more experienced mom.
Every fall doesn’t need you to go in chaos mood. Babies fall and the first thing that you need to do is to calm yourself and calm your baby down. Shouting and creating panic is just going to scare the baby more. Tight reassuring hugs works wonder for a frightened little munchkin in such situations.

Quicktip- breastfeeding really help you calm down your baby after a fall.

2. What to do-

Once you have managed to take control of the situation, you need to look out for signs which indicate a serious injury calling for immediate medical intervention such as:-
a. Baby rolling his/her eyes
b. Baby falling unconscious
c. Baby not opening his/her eyes
d. Baby having a seizure
e. Baby refusing to calm down after a few minutes
f. Any external injury/cut
g. Vomiting or becoming disoriented
h. Baby howling in extreme pain when touched upon some particular spot

These above symptoms can indicate an internal injury in which case the baby needs to be rushed to the emergency ward. In case there is a bump, which babies usually get after falling down, try applying a cold compress/ice pack.
Baby twitching away from the cold compress is actually a good sign!

3. Monitor –

if your child has had a nasty fall and you are having your doubts, monitor your baby for at least 24 hours for any signs such as
a. Vomiting
b. Restlessness
c. Seizure
d. Bleeding/cuts

Trust our instincts and if you feel your baby is behaving differently, make sure you reach out to your child’s doc and not take any chances. If the baby has quieted down, is taking feed normally, and goes off to sleep after an hour, then you can thank God for keeping your baby safe.

Important point: Do not allow baby to sleep for about an hour to check the above mentioned symptoms.
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