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5 Months Old Boy | Oct 2018

I love this app but sometimes the questions makes me tensed. People are so much worried about baby's weight, color, quantity of milk baby is taking, reaching milestones, nazar, even the consistency of bm.. Pls don't take me wrong, everybody is right at their place. But I have never thought too much about these things. I never gave importance to these things until or unless my baby is active and healthy. After reading these kind of queries, I have also started over thinking. It is difficult to ignore the questions. As my baby has acid reflux, he is refusing milk from past 2 Months. He doesn't take feed while awake. I hv good milk supply but still giving him fm to make him full. He takes only 30 ml of that twice a day, forcefully and i feed him bm frequently while he sleeps, he sucks for just 1-2 minutes.. My baby is 5 months old and 6.5 kg. Happy and active baby. Pls suggest me how to stop unnecessary thoughts, should I uninstall tiny step๐Ÿ˜ข although I don't want to๐Ÿ˜ข

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Read the answer carefully!

1..You are tensed for YOUR baby

So everyone are tensed for their babies.

2. They ask questions in the forum and get answers.
Towards the end of the post you indirectly gave your situation. and told the remedy that your child is having acid reflux and hence you don't bother and stress much and give him fm in required amounts .. and bottom line you said he has a healthy weight and is is active.

So entirely your situation is taken care by all by your own self.. I appreciate that.

Hence you have no question as you are doing the rightful.

3. Now when already you are doing what is required you again read questions and concern of this forum and get stressed.

This my dear lady is your fault ...
sorry to be blunt but I am trying to tell you something.. it's like i gave an exam and I passed it with flying colours but now I am seeing my friends marks I am getting nervous..

You are an adult and you must be aware of how much to get affected by anything. positive ore negative nothing gets to your soul unless you allow it to affect you.

4. Now smile and don the rightful which is make use of this forum in a right way without getting carried away by other people's queries and answer..

To each his own..

Now you may delete this app if you wish.. but again. ... you will never get such interesting replies.. like mine ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜‰ anywhere else..

Love and light too you .

P.N You just be easy and kind on your own self.. lady it's all your motherly feelings overburdening your little soul. Love an light to u
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Superb ...!!!amazing reply!!!!!

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